New Seeds

I’ve noticed lately that I feel a bit sluggish around the New Moon. The moon went dark on the 27th. Two days later, I still want to do a lot of reading and sleeping. This morning I wondered what was wrong with me. This afternoon, I’m shaking my head and chuckling at myself. Why am I asking what’s wrong with me?

Despite years of training and experience, I still get caught in our cultural tendency to ask first what is wrong with me. Silly really. And as soon as I notice it, I change the question immediately. What’s going on that makes me feel tired?

You see, the world works best when natural rhythms are honored. Everything grows into fullness, dwindles and dies, then grows again. The moon gives us a lovely visual playing Continue reading

Eyes on the Road

Do you remember when you were learning to ride a bike – or drive a car? Your parent or teacher would tell you to watch out for the dog, or toddler, or … – and you’d do your best. Right? You’d keep your eye on it. And if you remember, your bike or car would follow your eyes.

Your parent or teacher would hold their breath, curse – or if you had a mother like mine, she’d cross herself; call on the Angel realm and any saints that might be listening; and, frantically step on the imaginary brake she seemed to think she had on the passenger side.

You, knowing that something was wrong, hopefully stopped in time – and, frustrated because you did exactly what you were told, probably felt awful.

With practice you learned that “watch out for ….” meant take notice, but keep your eyes on the road. Until you learned this, you were a danger to yourself and others.

Let’s take that lesson, wrap it up in a nice fresh bow and gift ourselves with it. It’s a vital lesson and applies to many things. What I’d like to apply it to is our current state of politics; environmental devastation; and all the crazy, topsy turvy things coming at us, veering across our paths, or thundering down the road behind us. Watch out!

Yep, we’ve got to be aware. We have to notice. But it’s time to remember to keep our eyes on the road. That brings us to what I believe is the truly relevant question for our times. We should each ponder this question – and collectively discuss it in our communities. Here it is:

What road do you want to travel? Or, what is your good road?

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In the Arms of the Spiral

I am a  Bard – a storyteller,  a Healer, a Teacher. These are not things that I do. These are things that I cannot not do. They are my calling, my passion, my raison d’etre. Having said that, I can choose hundreds of ways to do them.

For me, the essential key lies within story. As a Healer, I am listening to the story that is, as well as the story that wants to be. As a Teacher, I am looking for the story that will give context and significance to my student as she/he learns the lessons I offer. As a family and community member, I celebrate the stories we share and open to the ones that want to emerge. I walk the land listening to the stories of place. I talk with the ancestors listening to their wisdom and try my best to pass it on.

My newest venture as a Bard emerges in the form of the written word. I have become a novelist, an obvious place for a storyteller who loves to write. In April, I’ll be celebrating the release of my first novel, “In the Arms of the Spiral”. Through the writing of it, I found a new place to enter story: between the realms. The story took me to the ancestors, to past lives, to new love. WOW! I have loved meeting the characters, hearing their stories, and joining their quest (a sacred journey to the spiraling arms of love, balance and healing).

Within their stories, I found lost pieces of my own. Or was it the other way around? Ah, the magic of story!

May yours be blessed ~ Lena