In the Arms of the Spiral

I am a  Bard – a storyteller,  a Healer, a Teacher. These are not things that I do. These are things that I cannot not do. They are my calling, my passion, my raison d’etre. Having said that, I can choose hundreds of ways to do them.

For me, the essential key lies within story. As a Healer, I am listening to the story that is, as well as the story that wants to be. As a Teacher, I am looking for the story that will give context and significance to my student as she/he learns the lessons I offer. As a family and community member, I celebrate the stories we share and open to the ones that want to emerge. I walk the land listening to the stories of place. I talk with the ancestors listening to their wisdom and try my best to pass it on.

My newest venture as a Bard emerges in the form of the written word. I have become a novelist, an obvious place for a storyteller who loves to write. In April, I’ll be celebrating the release of my first novel, “In the Arms of the Spiral”. Through the writing of it, I found a new place to enter story: between the realms. The story took me to the ancestors, to past lives, to new love. WOW! I have loved meeting the characters, hearing their stories, and joining their quest (a sacred journey to the spiraling arms of love, balance and healing).

Within their stories, I found lost pieces of my own. Or was it the other way around? Ah, the magic of story!

May yours be blessed ~ Lena


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