New Seeds

I’ve noticed lately that I feel a bit sluggish around the New Moon. The moon went dark on the 27th. Two days later, I still want to do a lot of reading and sleeping. This morning I wondered what was wrong with me. This afternoon, I’m shaking my head and chuckling at myself. Why am I asking what’s wrong with me?

Despite years of training and experience, I still get caught in our cultural tendency to ask first what is wrong with me. Silly really. And as soon as I notice it, I change the question immediately. What’s going on that makes me feel tired?

You see, the world works best when natural rhythms are honored. Everything grows into fullness, dwindles and dies, then grows again. The moon gives us a lovely visual playing out of this rhythm. But it’s more than astronomy and beautiful skies. The moon pulls on us, just as it pulls on the tides. The full moon calls us out to do things bigger. The new, or dark, moon calls us to go within – to rest and regenerate. We are not bound by these rhythms, but when we move in alignment with them, life is easier.

So what was I doing over the new/dark moon phase, instead of resting? I was going out into the world – driving out of town and teaching all day. Ahh! To do this during a rest phase requires more energy than say at a full moon.

When we’re out of sync with the rhythms, it is like swimming upstream. It can be done, but it tires one out much sooner than swimming along with the current. I’m simply paying the cost of going against the current. That is a plain good sense explanation with a scientific background. Where’s the magic and joy? For me it lies in the relationships I find along the spiral dance of nature.

Moon Phases - FB

In my unusual exhaustion, I hear the voice of Grandmother Moon, inviting me back into the dance with her. We have a long relationship of dancing in rhythm with each other, but lately, I’ve lost touch. Just thinking about renewing our relationship brings a warmth to my heart and smile to my lips. The dance gives me perspective. It reminds me to rest and rejuvenate. It encourages me to bring a consciousness to what I am newly seeding, to nurture it as it grows, to celebrate it’s fullness and embrace it’s waning, so that I can rest and begin again.

At the full moon, earlier this month, I celebrated the completed form of my new novel, In the Arms of the Spiral. Looking at the beautiful cover and finalizing the last edits was a wonderful celebration. And then I had to let it go into the publisher’s hands to get ready to go out into the world. That letting go left me feeling vulnerable and a little sad. My baby was out of my hands.

So what am I seeding in this growing phase of the moon? The writer has had her celebration. The promoter and marketer now gets her turn to grow. This is a fascinating learning curve for me. The work of a writer offers vast opportunities for growth. It asks one to create, then birth the creation into the world and let it go. All that was done relatively safely within the comfort of my own home. Now I am being invited out into the world to accompany my creation. Will I teach, talk, do circles?  Those are all possibilities – ones I will be developing in this growing phase.

For now, I will plant this one little seed. Pre-orders for the book are available now. The story’s characters commit themselves to honoring the rhythms of nature’s spiral. But that’s just the backstory. Meet the characters and follow them into past life intrigue as they seek to right an imbalance and save the life of a child. You’ll find love, magic and deep friendships. You’ll be invited into the life of a Wiccan priestess and teacher, who dances with the wind and talks to the moon. It might even help you find your rhythms and dance more powerfully with nature. At least, I hope it does. ~ Lena

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