Spiraling Past

We are brilliant stories in motion. We carry the threads of our past, endlessly weaving them into our present and future. But does it work the other way around? Can the present affect the past? Yes, it certainly can.

I first witnessed this phenomenon during a session with a client. We were working on her relationship with her mother, when she organically slipped into a past life regression and touched into three past lives that she had shared with her mother. Each of these lives had challenges, but the first was particularly traumatic. I was guided to direct my client back to this earliest shared life – a life where she and her mother were sisters.

Her sister had fallen into the Amazon river and was being devoured by piranhas. Stunned and only ten years old, my client had done nothing but watch in horror. Of course there was really nothing to do, but past life issues are not always logical. In returning to this past life, I guided my client to extend her parasol to her sister, which she did. Her sister still died, of course, but she died knowing she was offered aid. After doing this, my client revisited the other two lives and observed much happier relationships.

My client went home feeling better, but not knowing what to expect in her current relationship. She decided not to contact her mother, but a week later she received a letter from her. She had never received a letter from her mother. She’d received birthday cards and such, but never a letter. This letter was long and loving. Her mother indicated her desire to deepen their relationship and be more involved in each other’s lives.

My client immediately called me to share this new approach that her mother initiated. It seemed that the healing of the past event had rippled into the present without any other action being taken.

Since that event, I have worked with many clients around past life influences. It’s fascinating! I’ve seen the same results again and again. In addition, I’ve found through the ancestral work I do with clients, that when one breaks a dysfunctional family pattern in the present, the healing ripples back into the past.

Not only can our memories of our own past lives affect our relationships and perspectives in our current life, but recent studies indicate that generational or genetic memories also operate within our DNA.  You can delve into the science of it here, and also here.

triskele 1

Through this work I have learned that healing has no time limits. Our lives are spirals of experiences that transcend time. We have many opportunities to change, reframe or disengage from the stories that hold us in their arms. We dance with them, but we are not bound by them. There is great magic in this work – as it brings healing forward and sends it backward. It can be challenging work, but the rewards bring peace and joy to a person and their lineage.

The power of this work amazes me, so I decided to write about it. Spiraling Past, my first novel series, explores the work in delicious ways. In the Arms of the Spiral – the first book – Cailleen begins having unsettling dreams, then receives a charge from her great great grandmother to heal the past. She has to use all her gifts and talents to find the other players, discover the threads that were broken and reweave them into balance. In the midst of it, she meets an enticing man. Is he a distraction, or part of her quest? She must make the right choices, for the life of a child hangs in the balance.

In the Arms of the Spiral is available today! Enjoy the story – and, if you choose, gather the teachings woven in it.


Within the series, as well as in my life and work, I insist on plain good sense as part of the experience. It brings me great joy to offer my readers a wonderful fantasy read, and the option to take some insight or tools into their everyday lives. I write teaching stories – a good read with lessons to harvest, if you want them.

If you are intrigued by past lives, or perhaps have things in your life you just can’t understand, this series might be just the thing. Either way, consider that you are not bound by your past, only influenced. And that influence can be understood and shifted. For more about my work visit me at CRhalenaRenee.com

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