Do You Know Your Timely Question?

As a spiritual healer and teacher, I’ve encountered quite interesting bits over the years. One of the areas in which spirit guides, ancestors and angels continue to inform me (and through me, inform my clients) is that of “the question”. It seems that intention in not everything. sometimes what you need is the right question. This comes up so often that I thought I’d talk about it in a few posts. Asking the right question is magic for your life. Today, I’ll chat about:

The Timely Question

Oh, how we want to know things. My, how we want to know things now. However, receiving the answers, now, does not always serve us.

Timely question - Salvador Dali (2)

For example…

You meet someone and your heart does those lovely flips, your palms sweat, your eyes dilate, your cheeks flush. “Is this the person I’m suppose to marry?” is not the right question at this time. Why not? Because asking that question limits your possibilities, sets you up for somewhat unrealistic expectations and makes the new exciting person all about you. By the way, it also robs you of the joy of discovery, of enjoying all those wonderful sensations. Enjoy them, as you move toward engaging with a new person in your life – one who may be there for as long as it takes: for them to open their mouth, for an interesting evening, for a beautiful friendship, or, for the love affair of your life. Don’t jump the gun and ruin the juicy moments. Ask the question: what does this person offer me at this time, and what might I offer him/her?

On the first day of your new job, refrain from asking if you’ll get a promotion in six months. Ask instead, “what do I need to do in order to be successful today?” Don’t rob yourself of the early lessons and the joy of discovery. Stay in the present, experience what is currently available and learn to discern what fits for you and what might not fit. A first successful day is a great start to an eventual promotion. Learn the ropes before asking what’s next. As you learn the job you will discover whether or not you really want a promotion. Then you will know the timely question.

I hope you’re noticing that open ended questions are generally more useful. If you ask a question, whose answer can be either yes or no, you are taking time out of the equation. It may be a quicker answer, but not always a very useful one.

One of the most common questions I get from clients and students is, “Am I on the right path?” I am sometimes tempted to give an enigmatic philosophical answer, such as “The path one is on is the only path one is on.”

The trouble with this question is that the answer is always yes. Your experiences and choices have brought you to this place for a reason, so yes, it is the right path in this exact moment. How will continuing on this path serve your highest and best good? Now, that’s a timely question!

“How does this serve me?” Can you feel how this question opens to possibility? Can you feel how it can inform you in a way that allows you to both honor where you are and open to choices not only in the present but in the near and distant future? Let’s look at an example:

How does my current relationship serve me?

It makes me feel safe and protected while I venture out into new life experiences. Isn’t that wonderful!

Can you see how this answer might take you to another question like, how will it serve me when I am comfortable venturing out in the world?

Tuck that away. It’s not time for that question yet. Your venturing out into the world will change you. It will change your relationship. It will change the person with whom you are in relationship. Now is not the time for the question to be asked, because the people it is asking about simply do not yet exist.

The questions we ask in life will frame the life we live. The science of quantum mechanics teaches us that what we look for (seen in the questions we ask) is what we’ll find. It’s best to take time to look for the questions that will take you where you actually want to go. It’s just plain good sense, but takes a bit of practice. I’ll tell you more in the next post, where I’ll talk about what the guides call “an unworthy question”.

Till then, . . .

Blessings, ~ Lena

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