Dandelion & Other Gifts of Magic

Yesterday I posted about dandelions. Today I was cleaning out my email box and came across an old email from my friend Mellissae Lucia. She knows of my love of dandelions and when her friend posted about them, she forwarded it to me.

I am now forwarding it on – as a follow up to my last post, and, to introduce you to one of my favorite poets, Wendy Mulhern. She has such a wonderful way of crafting verse. I particularly enjoy when she allows the earth to speak through her. Continue reading

Suffer the Dandelions

It’s quite difficult for me to use suffer and dandelions in the same phrase. I did it for you, dear reader – particularly if you are a lover of endless green lawns. I know how you must struggle to keep the wily dandelion at bay.

I am a great lover of dandelions. When I was a young girl, I wove them into chains to make crowns. Admittedly, the crowns were sticky and not particularly sweet smelling. But when you love something, you put up with such things. I’d tell a dandelion in full fluff of my deepest desires and then blow the seeds into the wind, trusting the dandelion to carry my wishes out into the world and back to me again. Continue reading

The Unworthy Question

I”m doing an Angel reading for a client and am in the flow of it. For me, that often feels like a conversation where two of the people are talking at the same time. The angels often answer a question as it’s being asked – and at times, they begin giving me new info as I’m relaying their last message. So to experience a silence when the client asks a question is rather unusual.

I wait. But their silence isn’t passive, it feels to me as if the Angels have withdrawn. It’s subtle, but it’s there. It’s like when you ask folks a question they don’t want to answer Continue reading