The Unworthy Question

I”m doing an Angel reading for a client and am in the flow of it. For me, that often feels like a conversation where two of the people are talking at the same time. The angels often answer a question as it’s being asked – and at times, they begin giving me new info as I’m relaying their last message. So to experience a silence when the client asks a question is rather unusual.

I wait. But their silence isn’t passive, it feels to me as if the Angels have withdrawn. It’s subtle, but it’s there. It’s like when you ask folks a question they don’t want to answer and they cross their arms in front of themselves and stare you down. No, that’s not quite right. There’s no antagonism. There’s just nothing, but space.

In my head, I ask the angels the question again. No answer. Personal self doubt now settles in and I wonder if I’ve lost my connection or my ability to communicate directly with the angelic realm. I shake that off and patiently wait. The scientist in me says to observe, to notice the change in pattern and stay open to new information.

Finally, I hear, “It is an unworthy question.”

Now I am really challenged. As a teacher, I never judge a question. I encourage all questions from my students – big, small, … How could I tell this client that the Angels found their question unworthy? I pause, trying to discern what to do.

The angels, in their most gracious and compassionate way, explain. “This question will only keep this beloved one in a place that no longer serves her. We will not help in this way.”

Now my head is spinning. The question will only keep her in a place that no longer serves? Hmm . . . I feel a brilliance in this, but the client is waiting for an answer and I don’t have time to find the brilliant teaching in the moment. So, I simply direct the client to ask the question differently. She takes a moment and re-words the question. The angels say, “Ah,” and then we’re back in the flow.

You’re probably wondering what the question was. “Why do I keep falling for the same unavailable men?” This question was asked with a great deal of angst and longing. It was a very tender question.

The new question – the worthy one – “How do I learn to make better choices, so that I can find a partner who will be available?” Ah,… Yes, doesn’t that feel like a very different process. Can you feel the joy and magic in it? This question takes the client into action that will change her reality. It’s proactive. It has hope.

The unworthy question is actually self sabotaging. It assumes a continued action of choosing unavailable men. It literally contains a statement (an affirmation): … “I keep falling for … unavailable men.”

Yes, indeed, the angel teaching is brilliant. The unworthy question is one that keeps you stuck in a place that you don’t want to inhabit. Simply changing the question itself is a great beginning to a pathway of change. It makes plain good sense!

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Now, when I’m with a client and the angels say, “It is an unworthy question,” I understand the statement is a teaching in itself. I no longer hesitate to tell the client that the question is unworthy. To do so, is a gift from the angels.

Please, try this at home!  ~ Lena


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