Dandelion & Other Gifts of Magic

Yesterday I posted about dandelions. Today I was cleaning out my email box and came across an old email from my friend Mellissae Lucia. She knows of my love of dandelions and when her friend posted about them, she forwarded it to me.

I am now forwarding it on – as a follow up to my last post, and, to introduce you to one of my favorite poets, Wendy Mulhern. She has such a wonderful way of crafting verse. I particularly enjoy when she allows the earth to speak through her.

Meet her here and engage with her work, The Authority of Dandelions.

Thank you Wendy for the beautiful poetry you offer the world. It has brought me a lot of joy over the years. Opening one of your books is a path into magic – and food for the soul.

We all need to find poets, musicians, painters, … who will help us touch that place of magic. It encourages us to make our own. We don’t need science to tell us this, it just makes plain good sense.


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