How the Story Changes Us

I write. I write in the Bardic tradition. I know the power of storytelling and how to wield that power. Still, I am amazed at how a story changes us.

I am constantly rewriting my own story. I know that may sound like I might have a personal identity problem, but I don’t. I simply understand that life is fluid and our stories should also be fluid.

I know for example that I have been wrong about my interpretations of events now and then. I have been known to take things personally, when they haven’t been about me at all. But in the meantime, I’ve created and carried the story as if it was fact. I carried it as reality, and so, for me, it was.

That story then gets woven into the tapestry of what makes me, me. So what happens when I discover a new version of the story? I can refuse to accept it. Or, I can reweave my tapestry and allow my reality to shift.

Most of us write and rewrite our stories on a regular basis. Hopefully, we do so in ways that make us happy, bring us joy and perhaps allow some special magic into our lives.

In psychology they call this reframing. As a life coach, I invite my clients to reframe their stories to create the life they wish to live. ¬†After all, isn’t that the point of personal story – to tell us who we are, where we came from and where we’re going?

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I invite us all, this week, to attend to the stories we tell – particularly about ourselves – and to notice how those stories make us feel and what kind of future they create for us. If it’s not how we want to feel or the kind of future we want – let’s change the story The power is in our hands – actually, it’s in our words.

We can use storytelling for healing the past, co-creating the future and getting that fresh start that we all, at some point, wish we could have. Today, just listen and notice what stories you tell. It just makes plain good sense to bring this kind of awareness to your life.

Have a blessed week! ~ Lena

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