Past Life Intrigue

When I first started doing bodywork – massage in those early years – I would never have guessed that I’d be working with past life issues and the intrigue they can bring. It first happened when a client on my table started talking about her relationship with her mother. As we continued working, she started talking about memories from the Amazon  and Europe during the Renaissance. As she talked, I noticed her facial features seemed to morph.

The body stores memories, you see. Often, when I’m working on someone memories of childhood, past loves, traumas, … will suddenly pop into their heads. They’re almost always high emotion events. While I’m working on the physical tissues, the memories they hold are accessed.

REdwoods (3)

This has only happened in maybe ten percent of the sessions I’ve done. But over a two decade period, that adds up to a lot of memories accessed. Most of those memories are from the client’s current life time. Regardless of where the memories come from, I’ve learned that they’re only revealed when the client is ready for them – and/or needs the information they hold. (If you’d like to know some of the science of body memory, visit Dr. Candace Pert’s work.)

As I became more comfortable and adept at working with clients in this way, more clients with these issues started showing up. That’s how it works. At least that’s how its worked for me. I’m sent a few clients with a common situation. I learn how to work with it. Spirit sends me a bunch of clients with the same situation. There’s a certain magic to it all and a pattern that makes plain good sense.

I’ve learned to recognize the texture of past life intrigues. They’re usually rather illusive, but strongly present in a client’s life. You may have heard someone say something like:

“I’m deathly afraid of water, but I have no idea why.”

“My two-year-old always goes for anything Asian. We can’t figure it out. We’re German and English, We don’t even eat Asian food.”

“I’ve always had this sense that I need to fix something, but I don’t know what or how.”

“It’s freaky how comfortable I am with her. I met her two weeks ago, but I feel like I’ve known her forever.”

“I don’t know why, but I detest that man. Everyone seems to like him, but I want to run every time I see him”

These comments and feelings do not always indicate a past life situation. Sometimes you feel like you’ve know someone forever, because you share a lot of cultural experiences. I have a new friend in my life, who I feel incredibly comfortable with. We’re about the same age, have similar ethnic backgrounds, grew up in the same part of the country and share many common interests. I have no sense of a past life connection with her; we’re just cut from the same cloth.

I don’t do bodywork so much anymore. I do more spiritual healing and life coaching. I find that past life intrigue increasingly shows up with my clients. My guides tell me that its because of the times. When the world is in a time of great change and/or crisis, souls who have information that is needed, will reincarnate to help us with the changes we’re facing.

Part of my work is helping them recover the information they’ve come to share. I help them to understand why they know things they’ve never learned; why they feel so out of place; why they feel so responsible; how to unravel their keen desire to do some unidentified task. Many experience this as an itch they cannot scratch. It can be frustrating, annoying, even frightening.

My desire to help led me to writing. I’m a storyteller and teacher at heart; I find great joy in creating teaching stories. I’m currently writing a series of novels that feature people with unusual gifts and past life intrigues. The first book in the series, In the Arms of the Spiral, is currently available. I’ve just completed the first draft of the second book. Follow me on Facebook to find out more – or visit me.

If you sense past life issues coming up for you and need some assistance, I continue to make myself available for clients locally and via telephone sessions. Find out more about my work.

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