Struggling, and then WOW!

Most of us have probably been there. We’re stuck in the middle of trying to figure things out. It’s an impasse. I can’t do this until that happens – and that can’t happen until this does. It’s a chicken or egg conundrum – frustrating at best. But then, …


You hear a comment from someone at a coffee shop; you read a book or see a movie; a friend looks at you as if you’re quite dense and points to an obvious solution; the stars shift; or perhaps, you have a dream. Suddenly, the answer lands in your lap and you do a happy dance.

Yesterday, I did my happy dance.  You see, I’ve been trying to figure out how to meet the needs of my clients and continue my commitment to writing. When I’m writing and when I’m with clients, I’m in my happy place. There’s a little more to it however – there’s the carving out time and space for each, as well as the business end of marketing. (I’m almost 60 and social media is a sharp learning curve.) These could be three full time jobs. I’ve done that it the past, but have committed to having a life – a personal life playing cards, having tea with friends, cooking, gardening, walking the land.


How did I get to my happy dance? I’m going to give most of the credit for my WOW to Eclipse energies. As promised, they have cleared away several blocks and cleared a path for my next stage of evolution. The theme? It doesn’t have to be hard.

I took a deep breath and made a commitment to step out of resistance and open to the generosity of our abundant universe.

Step 1 – School myself on social media and stop doing a bird shot approach, hoping something will land. I decided to start small and pull some science into it in order to give me a sense of control. I wanted to be able to measure results. I’m most familiar with Facebook, so that where I began. Turns out all the time and effort I was making to create regular, content-rich posts was counter productive. 8 seconds is the average attention span to engage someone. Part of me is appalled by that statistic, but mostly I felt an incredible sense of relief. I’d been trying to create a several course meal, when folks were looking for a quick snack. Photos, intriguing questions and Facebook Live – with links to more in depth content for those who want more. It just makes plain good sense. There’s more to learn, but I’ve got a good start and am seeing results. You can find my Facebook page here – I hope you “Like” it. You can find me live on Tuesdays at Two (PST) starting in September.

Step 2 – Find a creative way to see clients in many locations across the state. I’ve moved around a bit in the last couple years for work and family. I have clients in Pierce, Snohomish, King, Kittitas and Yakima counties. I do phone sessions, but sometimes clients just want to see you face to face. It’s not practical to have offices in 5 counties, so I’ve been meeting a few clients at their homes – which is a lot of travel. Recently, I met clients in the Everett area for a session, but they asked if we could meet at a coffee shop. I agreed, hoping it wouldn’t be odd or too challenging. It was lovely! I experienced the same joy and magic that I usually do when I’m working with clients and their guides. Bonus: the coffee was fantastic, AND the incident served as inspiration!

No longer in resistance around social media, I was in the flow. That flow of creativity wound its way into the question of how to see clients without burdening myself with lots of office locations.

I got serious – with colored pens, paper and focused attention – I was determined to find answers. I was at it for a couple hours when something happened. These words floated in front of me: Cafe Coaching. Seriously, I was mind mapping like a mad woman and the words floated down. I brushed them away like an annoying fly. A few minutes later, they floated in on a breeze – Cafe Coaching.  I let them float by and worked on connecting ideas from the papers in front of me. Cafe Coaching – there it was again. Finally, I wrote it down on the mind map.

Huh? Cafe Coaching – that’s an interesting idea. Now that it had landed, I saw its brilliance. Go once a month (maybe more) to my favorite cafe or coffee or tea house and work with clients for a few hours. Not only does this put me in front of clients, I also get to be in my favorite places where I so often write. The change of scenery and the people always inspire something. I’m still working out the details. Follow what happens with this and other interesting events via my newsletter.

The alchemy of the Eclipse energies, incidental experiences, asking the guides for assistance and dreams have converged into a wonderfully juicy and inspiring time. I feel alive in ways I haven’t for a long time. First, I had to step out of resistance. Now, I’m pretty sure nothing can stop me. I’m steering my canoe down my river and having a great time.


The above photos are from a SoulCollage session I did several weeks ago. I like to think they were clues – and a message that I just had to catch up with myself. Allowing flow in one little area creates such joy and magic!  May it be yours. ~ Lena

Never A Better Time for Story

Have you ever wanted a time when you were the one creating reality? Did you ever want to tell your story, your way – to be exactly who you wanted to be?

Have you ever said, “if it was up to me, I’d…”?

This is it folks. The time is now; it is ripe, like never before in history, for your intentions and input. The universe is literally waiting for what stories will be carried. The Piscean Age is ending and the Aquarian Age begins. We’re at a delicious crossroad and the ballgame is up for grabs. Continue reading