Never A Better Time for Story

Have you ever wanted a time when you were the one creating reality? Did you ever want to tell your story, your way – to be exactly who you wanted to be?

Have you ever said, “if it was up to me, I’d…”?

This is it folks. The time is now; it is ripe, like never before in history, for your intentions and input. The universe is literally waiting for what stories will be carried. The Piscean Age is ending and the Aquarian Age begins. We’re at a delicious crossroad and the ballgame is up for grabs.

Those who resonate with the Piscean Age of duality, power over, linear and short term thinking are trying to hold back the tide, grabbing fiercely at vestiges of the old paradigm. This is why we see steps backward on issues of equality like racism and women’s rights, and see an ever widening gap between the haves and the have nots.

Fake news is the poster child for our times. When the tide is turning and you don’t want it to, a great survival technique is to distract and divert with fake news. We become so stunned by outrageous behaviors that we can’t see what’s truly happening.

The good news about it all is that it invites us to consider what is really important to us. When leadership fails us, when we lose our confidence in institutions, when the uncertainty around us seems to increase everyday – something wonderful happens. Something awakens in us, reminding us that we have personal choice and power. We do not have to play “their” way.

We experience an eclipse – a period where what we’re use to seeing is blocked out. This is disconcerting and often uncomfortable, but that moment of freedom opens the door to new ways of being. The hypnotist has snapped his fingers and we’re back to our own consciousness. Now what?

Now, we make small choices that will ripple out into the world. We begin to write our own story. This is what the universe is waiting for. When you speak your story and begin to live it, the universe meets you. Decide what kind of world you’d like to live in and begin your new life.

eclipse3The solar eclipse on the 21st is an outer manifestation of the cultural eclipse we are experiencing. It’s not coincidental they are happening together. The stars are calling us to a new way of being in the world. The solar eclipse will shift us – each in our own personal way. It’s effects will ripple out until the second act solar eclipse in February, 2018. Eclipses are known as infinity points because for the minutes of the eclipse, linear time stops for a brief moment of infinity; they have a physical impact because they project differentiated light, alter gravity; they are a door between the material and subtle worlds when events can seem karmic or predestined. That’s the science of eclipses.

The magic lies in the fact that personal release and recalibrations are unavoidable. Make it easier on yourself – plan to take time for these shifts. Listen to your heart. Notice where you are being led. The shifts occurring will lead you to your next evolutionary stage in life – and bring you joy.

Start your story today. Do not choose randomly. Choose a story, a desire, which feels right and good to you. Choose one that creates a positive emotional response in you. Choose one that you can begin now in small bits and stay with over time. It makes plain good sense to incorporate doable actions that serve you and keep you motivated.

Small, considered and consistent action is profoundly powerful – and the only thing that will provide lasting change for our planet.


The changes happening in this eclipse season will activate each of us differently, yet it can be very helpful to share the process in community – so you can be inspired, encouraged and witnessed. I’m offering an online class “A Day in the Arms of Sacred Community: Navigating Eclipse Energies”. For information, visit here.

Find gratitude, be courageous – and carry your new story with power. Be bold. ~ Lena

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