Don’t Beta Your Life on It.

Human physiology is fascinating. We’re discovering new aspects of our unique potentials every day. Of course, if you remember from an earlier post – quantum mechanics teaches us that what we look for, we will find.

I have recently been looking for information to understand how the work I do as a psychic, intuitive and empath affect my physical health. I’ve suspected that I’m spending too much time in certain brainwave patterns.

Years ago, in a training with Tom Brown Jr. I discovered ways to quickly and easily move from a Beta state of awareness to an Alpha state. Tom shared information from boifeedback studies and cultural comparisons between Westerners and indigenous peoples. I already knew that indigenous people are more tuned into the world around them – including deep connection to plants, animals, ancestors, spirits of the land and dream work. Because I was opening to my gifts, I was particularly interested in this.

Indigenous people spend 90% of their time in the Alpha state of awareness, where as Westerners spend 90% of their time in Beta. Beta is a higher frequency brainwave – a place, we were told, where we cannot learn new information, we cannot heal, our creativity is very limited and our ability to sense the paranormal is greatly inhibited.

The alpha state of awareness is slower. When we are in this state our ability to learn and heal is highest; our physical performance in increased (athletes call this “the zone”); and our ability to perceive the paranormal is greatly increased. When we are out in nature, we tend to move into an alpha state of awareness. This explains why we usually feel so much better afterwards.

With the amount of caffeine and sugar we consume, the constant stimulation from electronic media, and our tendency to live indoors in front of our computers – the Western lifestyle is a recipe for living in Beta. Beta does help us process and stay task focused. The cost however, of living primarily in Beta is extremely high stress and anxiety. Sound familiar. Deep relaxing breaths, walks in nature and wide angle vision will help us move into Alpha quickly.

talking to the elements

There are other states of awareness – Theta, Delta and Gamma. (Find more detail about the science of brainwaves.) Since Tom’s workshop I’ve discovered that we are never in just one state of awareness; the various brainwaves don’t just stop, but at any one time, one brainwave is primary.

Over the years, I have ventured more and more into Theta and Delta states, which are much slower – and physical performance is decreased. I have been favoring the spiritual body and my physical body is showing the strain. As I’ve walked more and more between the worlds, I’ve been walking less and less out in the world. I can feel quite sluggish at times and have turned to caffeine and sugar when I need to function. My experience is that although that works short term, it also sends my body into an odd spiral of inconsistent sleep patterns.

My conclusion: honor all states of awareness. I’ve demonized Beta, because it closes off access to my gifts as a psychic, intuitive, empath – and to my work as a spiritual healer. But balance in all things makes plain good sense. I will allow myself to have the joy of an iced coffee on a hot day, or a really lovely piece of dark chocolate on occasion. But I will not use them to jump me into Beta. Nature – and with dancing with all levels of awareness – will be my magical elixirs.

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