Of Course We’re Different!

I’ve recently started a new Facebook page dedicated to Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths and Sensitives – P.I.E.S. for short. Why? Because working with folks with these sacred gifts is a very big part of my work, a part I’m rather passionate about.

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that I am a P.I.E.S member. I treasure my inherited gifts. Yet, when I was younger I didn’t realize I carried them; I just felt different, awkwardly so.

Of course we're different-awkward


Studying anthropology in college opened me to possibilities as to why I was different. Reading about cross-cultural and particularly indigenous peoples had me questioning our culture rather than my gifts. Maybe I was different for a reason?

Maybe, just maybe, I needed to explore those gifts so that I could understand them. And then, perhaps it was part of my work to teach my culture what the h@#$ to do with me.

Among the Dgara people, they believe that if a child is born into their community, the child is coming to bring them gifts that are needed by the community. This concept became a life raft in the ocean of my uncertainty. It struck a chord of truth; it touched my inner knowing. I found hope and a new joy in the facing life ahead.

Mostly, I found a powerful way to re-frame my experiences. I was no longer a freak, who needed to hide her true nature. Suddenly, I was a pioneer, a Wayshower, a catalyst for change. This has been my work for the last 3+ decades; I have explored, developed and learned to share my gifts.

Ironically, I have discovered that this is the essence of everyone’s life: to explore, develop and learn to share their gifts. In my journey to embrace and celebrate my unique and different gifts, I found that I am the same as everyone else.

I have learned to re-frame my own experience of being different. It is my gifts that are unique – underneath it all I am the same as everyone else. Just like everyone else’s, my gifts are needed by the community.

What is different about me? The community is not always comfortable with the gifts I carry. This is an opportunity for education. I’ve found wonderful information for what and who I am through the sciences via folks like Dr. Gregg Braden, Dr. Lissa Rankin and Dr. Brené Brown. They’ve helped me find ways to speak about what I do in ways that a culture immersed in science and technology can understand. Deep gratitude to you all!

Comfort comes with knowledge and familiarity. My journey has been a relatively lonely one. Wayshowers often face this challenge. But for other P.I.E.S. it doesn’t have to be their personal story. The Internet offers us an opportunity to connect and learn from each other’s experiences; it gives us a format to understand and celebrate our gifts. It’s a magic that just makes plain good sense. Head shot

I’d love your thoughts and comments. How goes your journey to explore, develop and learn to share your gifts, whatever they are? Let’s celebrate each other. ~ Lena

If you are interested in being a part of P.I.E.S. visit the Facebook page and ask to join. On the page you will find four intro videos, group discussions and resources. Group members receive some free content from my writing as well as discounts on upcoming classes and events, which is a nice bonus. However, our focus is creating community to encourage and support each other with positive feedback, resources and inspiration.


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