Ugly Bags of Mostly Water & Magic Capsules

If you’re a Trekkie, you probably got the reference in today’s post title. An episode of the original series engaged an alien race who described humans as “ugly bags of mostly water”. I’m not that much of a Trekkie and I didn’t really like the original series that much, but two episodes stuck with me through the years. I’ll talk about the second episode in a moment.

Why did the “ugly bags of mostly water” episode come to mind last night? I’ve learned that when on an initiatory journey, like the one I started last night, it is best not to waste energy on those kinds of whys. It came to mind, so it has relevance. Thinking about being mostly water led me to thinking about Dr. Emoto’s work with water crystals. This reminded me of what he named as the three most effective phrases for healing water.

I love you. I thank you. I respect you.

I woke up this morning with these phrases in my head and understood them to be the beginning of moving into right relationship with my body, which is mostly water. Today, I began with my toes. I love you toes – you help me stay balanced, you can pick things up from the carpet, you look so pretty with polish,… I thank you toes – for contracting when it’s not safe to move ahead, for be willing to test the waters, for patiently waiting for breath and blood. I respect you toes and honor your need, at this time, to lengthen out, to wiggle in joy, to be in mud.

Being present with my toes for the time it took to express my love, discern my gratitude and listen to their needs was really quite wonderful and enlivening. I pressed each toe into the ground, saying hello to each one separately. I wiggled them. I invited them to lengthen out as far as they could and felt their sigh of pleasure. My toes have been dancing all day and I love my awareness of them. Their pleasure is rippling up my body and I’m feeling ease in my calves and knees that I haven’t felt for a long time. Tomorrow, I shall talk with my calves – after saying good morning to my toes, of course.


Photo by Ana Grave on Unsplash

The second Star Trek episode that I remember was about some women in a cave, who had been enslaved by an alien entity. The crew was confounded as to how they were enslaved. There were no bars, no chains, no beatings. Despite the prime directive to not interfere, the crew did. After doing so, they arrived at the cave to find not the beautiful sexy women they had met earlier, but old haggard and wrinkled women. You see, in response to their interference, the entity had withheld the pills that made the women beautiful. The women were sad and furious. Dr. McCoy to the rescue! He gave them placebos. They gratefully took the pills the doctor said were replicas of what they’d been taking. The women transformed back into the sexy goddesses within a few seconds of taking the placebos.

I always feel beautiful – where on the scale of beauty I’m standing depends on the day, of course. But of late, I have not felt vibrant. I’ve felt dull. I’ve been dragging. I’ve felt my wick waning. I’ve been telling myself that I feel these things and they’ve become a bit of a mantra. I’ve been seeing myself as old and disabled. That’s an awful pill to swallow.

The magic capsule episode came to mind this morning after I played with my toes. A little wiggle of my toes has me feeling giddy with the vibrant energy that’s flowing from them. My science brain is telling me that of course wiggling toes would have a full body effect. All the meridians meet at the toes. To wiggle the toes engages with all those meridians, which run through my entire body. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But wiggling my toes does not necessitate I  look for the flow of energy and vibrancy in the rest of my body. Yet, that is exactly what I am doing. My awareness of the vibrancy in my toes led me to look for signs of that same vibrancy in the rest of my body. Because I was looking for it, I found it. I feel it. I am it. Oh, the magic of quantum mechanics: what we look for, we will find. Thank you Gene Roddenberry for the episode about quantum mechanics! I feel a cellular response to my desire to see vibrancy. I feel like a tree after a long hard winter; my sap is rising. That’s my story today.


Photo by Lisa Para

Here’s to wiggling toes, quantum mechanics and a joyful initiation on the quest to finding my first guidepost. I’m fairly certain that I will find it within me – that I am the embodiment of at least this first guidepost. ~ Lena

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