Root, Down, Deep, Essence

I feel alive in ways I can’t remember ever feeling. There’s an awakening – one I’ve been preparing for, for almost a decade. It’s been a long decade of waiting, of honing my skills and craft, of patiently listening for that something that I felt, but couldn’t name.

Finally, I feel the pulsing of that something growing strong. It’s a global awakening to the feminine. No, it’s beyond that. The awakenings have been happening for years. What’s different? We’ve rooted, deepened and touched our essence. We’ve gone down to where we’ve been hidden and now, at last, we are remembering who we are and we’re returning home – to ourselves.

How do I know? The Women’s March on Washington; the “Me Too” phenomenon that’s spreading like fire igniting women to speak their truth and waking us all to our part in allowing the diminishing of the feminine; the number of first time elected women to state and national offices; the movie “Moana”; astrological movements; and, most importantly, my own knowing that it’s time and the world is ready for me.

We’re beyond awakening now. Our eyes are open, we’ve stretched and welcomed the day. Now, we’re about action. REdwoods1

On this Thanksgiving week, I’d like to take a moment to thanks all the mothers and grandmothers who’ve cleared a path for us: the Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, Kris Steinnes, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gloria Steinem, Rosie the Riveter, Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, the 13 Grandmothers, … – and the ancient ones who kept the knowledge alive through stories and traditions. We are your daughters and we are remembering to return, to claim our power and knowing. We have access to so much because of your sacrifices, your fierce commitment and determination, your love.

Now, like trees in a forest, our roots reach down, deep, to our essence – touching the roots of others, who like us are growing tall and strong. It’s time to tell the stories, to celebrate our shared mysteries and to return the heart to the feminine – to honor her, to court her, to celebrate her treasures.

I am a storyteller – full of stories and wisdom teachings – hungry to ignite the feminine spirit in a fierce, loving, compassionate and juicy journey to ourselves. Join me Tuesdays at 2 PM (PST) on Facebook Live starting November 28th. I’ll also be doing some Youtube videos and will let you know. or you can subscribe to my email list for releases.Rachael Fairbanks

Till then, I offer you a song that a beautiful young friend has written. Rachael Fairbanks, leads us to this journey of the heart with some beautiful songs on her latest album. One of my favorites is “Tree Song”. Close your eyes and listen to the call of your heart as her song plays.


Head shot (2)I have been going by a shortened version of my middle name. It celebration of the fullness of returning to our whole selves, I reclaim my full name – Coleen Rhalena Renee. Blessings to each of you. I offer my open-hearted gratitude for all you do in the world.



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