Darkening Days – Anticipation of New Light

The times are dark. Our days will grow still darker. Even now, the dark is greater than the light. Yes, new light will be born, grow strong and come into fullness – then begin to wane slowly, subtle almost beyond our perception, until we feel the growing darkness become undeniable again. Hope may waiver, despair may settle in, but then, new light will be born and grow strong.

This ever repeating cycle will always be part of our experience. We can dance with it, honoring its rhythm, or become lost in its various stages. The ancient Celts call this the Wheel of the Year and many of us still today celebrate the beauty of each of its seasons.

We now sit in growing darkness. On Winter Solstice it will be the darkest day and the longest night. The dark and the cold of this season force us indoors. Our bodies naturally want to slow down, snuggle in – rest, reflect, discern. This time of darkness offers us an opportunity to find the treasures deep within, to share story, to dream the future.


Photo by Christine Makhlouf on Unsplash

Our Western traditions put us at odds with this natural cycle. We tend to go a bit crazy at this time of year. And it’s no wonder we experience emotional angst; we’re moving contrary to our natural rhythms.

This is an invitation to slow down, to pace yourself this season and to take advantage of this time of story, discernment and dreaming. Yes, you know you want to escape the hamster wheel of the winter holidays! Let’s give each other permission to do just that!

This is an invitation to the feminine. In 2018 the feminine will be called forth to help us heal and transform. She has many faces. We’ve diminished her expression over the last few centuries, so we’re not so familiar with her ways.

Join me, starting December 1st, for 21 Days to Solstice. I’ll offer videos (YouTube and Facebook) and blog posts here. We’ll explore different aspects of the feminine and invite each other to dance with her many faces.

Please take some time for yourself, time to find your inner treasures in this dark time of the year. There is magic and joy in the dark, when you give yourself time to adjust to new ways of seeing.

Bright Blessings to you and yours, Coleen Rhalena ReneeHead shot

Mark your calendars for 21 Days to Solstice starting on the first.

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