The Lover’s Impulse – Can More Than One Love Be Best?

Today we’re exploring the feminine aspect of the lover archetype. I hope it invites and encourages you to deepen your juicy lover potential.

Our over focus on the masculine energies in the last several centuries has affectedDay 5 Lover all aspects of our lives – including the lover within. Masculine energies are wonderful and especially needed when you have a task that needs laser focus and quick results. Love is much messier than that!


The feminine energies are more engaging of all aspects and absolutely not afraid to be juicy and take all the time you need to do so. This post is not about sex, but it just might improve your sexual experiences.

The lover is the one who fully engages in mutual exchange. The lover is interested in choosing to connect, generously. It’s a heart to heart sort of thing and it is always intimate.

One of my loves is music. I talk about this in today’s video. I also speak about my love affair with the land, with nature, with words,…  There are so many ways to engage the lover archetype.

Aphrodite often gets a bad reputation these days. She’s sometimes presented as a whore. When this happens, she’s clearly not understood. She is vital, sensual, demanding and generous – in all the ways she loves. She wants us to become the lover – the one who is ignited, juicy and full of vitality. She wants to share in that and will take no time with someone not willing to dance in the beautiful exchange of loving.

Here’s some examples that might be helpful.

When you go hiking, do you focus on getting to the end of the trail and back with speed and efficiency? That’s a very masculine energy.  Do you take your time, stopping to watch a bird, smell a plant, take in the beauty around you, offer gratitude and love? That’s a very feminine energy.

When you read a book, are you just trying to get to the end (masculine) or are you savoring it, pausing to really enjoy evocative words (feminine)?  Same question for the last meal you ate.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When you talk with someone who is intriguing, do you allow yourself to fall into the love of their words. For those of you who are in committed romantic relationships – this is not cheating. Yes, there is an intimacy when we share a love of something with someone else. But if it’s not a sharing of romantic love, it’s not cheating on your romantic partner. Instead, it’s creating a more vital and juicy inner life, which will spill over into your relationship with a romantic partner in a delicious way.

I invite you to look at all your relationships (at anything you spend time and focus on). Can you bring the lover – a generous, engaging, connected presence – into that relationship. Dance with Aphrodite. Demand mutually satisfying exchanges. Come on in, the water is good!

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Blessings and love, Coleen

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