Is the Dragon Lady All Heart?

Today we explore the fierce feminine. Now, if you have words like “raging bitch” “bitter old maid”, or “dragon lady” going through your head – push them aside cause you’re on the wrong page!

Here are some places you really want the fierce feminine on your side:

Giving birth to a baby – talk about fierce energy!

Your “baby” (child, project, recipe of your heart) is threatened.

Your life is threatened.

You need to stand up for yourself at work or home or in a relationship.

Survival is at stake.

You’re sabotaging yourself.

Day 8 Fierce

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Before we continue, remember that the feminine is community oriented, has an eye for the long term/big picture view, is committed to relationships within the whole.

The fierce feminine is deeply compassionate and willing to do even the difficult/unpopular things in order to accommodate what needs to be born or protected. She cuts the umbilical cord, frees us from things that bind us, cuts away what does not serve. She makes sure that we have what is needed for survival – what we need to thrive.

Yes, she has a “sword”! Yes, she knows how to wield it. No, she’s not unfeeling or out of control. The fierce feminine is deeply compassionate and discerning. When should we call on her?


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Have trouble saying no?

Still carrying old habits or ideas about life?

Stuck in bad relationships?

Need to find your voice?

That’s right, you’re getting it. We all need a bit of the fierce feminine to pave the way for change when something new is wanting to be born. Her “sword” may be her voice, her eyes, her healing hands, the written word, a song, a scalpel, a conductor’s baton, …

Give her some light. Let her help you face the challenges from a place of deep compassion. Once you experience her a time or two, you’ll treasure her and her loving heart.

Here my story about the first time the fierce feminine showed up in my life.

Blessings, Coleen

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