What’s Emerging …. from you?

As we approach the winter holidays and celebrations of new hope, new light, new birth – we are invited to look within and discern what new things want to emerge in our lives.

Our focus is so often on anticipation of what new light/hope/birth will come and we forget to honor that through which the newness comes. All things are born through the feminine; it is the feminine within each of us that brings forth new birth. This process includes labor, doubt, fear, hope, joy, pain.


Photo by Luke Brugger on Unsplash

We all carry this story at various times in our lives. We are all part of the same story, as birthers. Did you know that research shows that women in labor have a shorter and easier time in the birthing process if another women (birther) is in the room. That woman does not need to do anything, but be present.

Let’s be present to each other, to the birther in each person. Let’s allow our presence to ease their labor, calm their fears and give them hope.

Today’s video offer a SpiritSong Prayer for the Birther. Be with us as we labor to bring forth whatever it is we are called to birth in the world at this time.


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Many blessings, Coleen

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