Embodying Love

Hi, today I offer a song about love as the connecting force that moves through all.

The love that flows through me to you,

that flows through you to me,

Is the Spirit that moves through all things.

(2)Compassion and peace, gentleness and love – all gifts of spirit.

(3)Spirit gifts of Quan Yin and Jesu, the gentleness of deer, the apple tree – all gifts of spirit.

Like so many of the songs and chants I’ve written, this one simply flowed through me in a moment of meditation. The first verse, which I sing many times on today’s video, is an excellent meditation in itself. The 2nd and 3rd I offer once. All three can be sung together at the same time.

Day 12 Spirit Love

As we move into 2018, it will be beneficial to embody love. Begin with yourself. I believe this is a major key to healing our planet.  The various forms of the Golden Rule that shows up in so many spiritual traditions requires this self love. “Love your neighbor as yourself” has a whole different meaning if you do not love yourself. We must start by letting love flow through us and to us.

I happened upon a new Beach Boys song today. It’s got lots of words, but the same theme. Give a listen: “Unleash the Love”

I love the line: “It’s in our power to change this planet’s destiny.”

Be the love the world needs.

Love and blessings, Coleen

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