Touching the Warrior’s Heart

When I think of a symbol of the warrior, I think of a sword. But I see the sword not as a weapon of destruction. Sure, it can kill and maim. But swords are often used to focus intention, point the way, and cut away that which no longer serves. The symbol of a warrior may be the sword, but a true warrior wields it via the heart.

In today’s video, the angels asked that I channel a message for them. They call to the warrior heart in each of us.

I like that they clarified that there are many soldiers in the world today, but too few warriors. I know that today’s training for soldiers often focuses around inhibiting the heart. If not performing yet to standards, they are shamed through the use of derogatory names for the female – “girly boy” “pussy”, etc. The enemy is often portrayed in demeaning characterizations. They fight remotely where they can’t even see the enemy. The brutalities they do experience encourages them to close their hearts even further. Perhaps the greatest cost of war is the loss of the warrior’s heart?

But the angels are not asking us to go to war – in fact, they discourage us from fighting. They ask us to stand for justice, protect our beloved communities, and risk ourselves for the community. They suggest we do this in little ways, in our everyday lives, right in our own communities.

To risk is to potentially sacrifice for our community. The word sacrifice means to do something that makes all involved more sacred. This can only be accomplished through the heart. To see that ALL involved are more sacred requires us to step back and look at the big picture. It requires us to open our eyes and our hearts to everyone – to see ourselves in them, to see them in ourselves.

I’m remembering when I was a girl scout in my youth and how excited I was to earn a badge. Each badge required time, learning new skills, and putting myself out in the world in some way. Each badge helped me to become a stronger person, more skilled, more aware of the world. I looked for opportunities to learn the skills and to practice them – even after I earned my badge. And what joy I experienced as I sewed each badge on my sash.


Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash

It wasn’t about the badge. Truly, “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” It’s about feeling competent; knowing I could contribute; celebrating the actions I took; and knowing that the risks I took and the sacrifices I made were worth it.

I still look for those opportunities in life to share my skills – and most importantly, to offer my heart. Take a risk. Join me. Let’s make the world more sacred.

Thank you for joining me in this series of posts and videos; for connecting to our inner light as we move through these 21 days to Winter Solstice; and for embracing the feminine energies that will help us heal and transform the world in 2018.

Blessings, Coleen

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