Do You Have Circles of Intimacy – IRL?

In our journey of 21 Days to Solstice as we connect with our inner light and tap into feminine energies that help us heal and transform in 2018 – we often take a step back and look at the bigger picture. In our personal lives, how do we do this? Today’s video talks about one way to do that.

Circles of Intimacy! These may be ‘your girls’, the boys, the poker buddies, the neighborhood dads/moms, sister women, bros, circles. I’m talking about relationships where you truth tell, share your lives, ask for feedback, … – witness each other. This may not be the “purpose” of any of your gatherings, but it happens. You’re committed to each other over time.

The archetype for these relationships is the blood sister/brother. It is shared experiences that bond you. You have years of history together. Why are these important?

These blood sisters/brothers know you and are committed to you enough to tell you the hard things, to know what to say to bring you comfort, to not need words. They help you find perspective and remind you of your rhythms. When you feel lost, they remind you of who you are. When you need change they hold you while you become something new.

These are relationships IRL (in real life) – in person, phone down, computers off – hearing each other’s voice, seeing each other’s gestures, learning each other’s hearts.

Sounds risky? Well, of course it is. And so worth it. Intimacy is always a risk, but it offers us so much. Yesterday’s blog/video was about the Warrior of the Heart. Circles of intimacy are full of them.

Find your circle, celebrate it! Share this post with your blood sisters/brothers and thank them for the beautiful role they play in your life.

~ Coleen


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