Have You Tasted Winter’s Quiet?

No, I have not invented a new holiday drink – although that would be interesting. What would a winter’s quiet taste like? Perhaps a minty coolness followed by a smooth dark chocolate – not sweet, something that takes your breath and then envelops you in warmth. Something that makes your bones feel heavy in a really delicious way.

Amid the rush of the holidays, I make sure I take moments to enjoy the quiet of winter. There’s nothing like it. Wrapped in warm clothes, sitting on a bench as my breath fogs before me, I let everything go and listen to the beauty. There’s usually a nip at my nose and maybe, if the day is just right, my feet get cold as I sit longer than usual. I love the tree skeletons frosted white, the grey of the landscape and the hawks soaring above the fields. No jingling bells, honking horns, annoying carols or list of to-do’s. I can hear my own heart beat, a lowing from the cows, the setting of the sun.


Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash

Another favorite is driving through town after dark and seeing all the holiday lights.  Sometimes I listen to carols while I do this, or just sing them. In these moments, I’m remembering my childhood and allowing myself to sit in the wonder of all the twinkling lights. I always end up at the top of the hill overlooking the city. I sit here in the quiet, thinking in gratitude of all the loved ones who’s lights are twinkling up at me.


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

And when it’s really cold or wet or I’m just tired? I light the fireplace, lace my tea  with whiskey and gaze into the flames. I have a lovely conversation with them as they reflect my own inner lights and dreams.

These are the moments of tasting winter’s quiet. For me, they are priceless. What are your favorite moments?

Today’s video is a reflection of this quiet with some poetry and prose. Enjoy this as our journey to our inner light continues as we approach winter solstice.


Blessings, Coleen

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