Can Circlework Change Us? The World?

Several posts ago I mentioned that I feel like I was born for this time – the year of the “unstoppable emergence of the deep feminine”. I’ve spent years delving into ancient goddess stories and indigenous traditions, which are often modeled on feminine principles. I’ve worked with the Women of Wisdom organization since 2000. I contributed to two anthologies for women. But my favorite work with the feminine is circlework.

My first experience with circlework was in a workshop with Jalaja Bonheim, PhD. Whathands a beautiful experience! Holding sacred space, opening our hearts, listening to each other’s hearts, witnessing story, poetry, music, art. In such a short time, we became a community. This 2-day workshop was so phenomenal and even after 2 long days, we resisted leaving each other. We went to a cafe to continue being with each other and made dates with each other for the future.

Circlework taps into our inner knowing of how to step into deep connection. It revives ancient memories of heart centered problem solving and true sharing of resources. Circlework is more relevant today than it has been for centuries. We need this ancient feminine way of knowing -of working together -to heal our lives and our world. It is a practice of love.

 “Circlework is the Practice of Love. Today, that is the only power that can help us heal our planet. When I lead a circle my intention is to create a field of love where people feel safe enough to share not only the light emotions, but the dark and difficult ones and know they will be received and heard with compassion.”   ~ Jalaja Bonheim, PhD

A couple years back I was invited to join a circle that met over the phone. I was hesitant because it seemed to me that we needed to be able to look into each other’s eyes in order to do circlework. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not the same. Yet, there’s something about listening to each other’s hearts while sitting comfortably in our own homes. It was quite phenomenal actually to train ourselves to such deep listening. I believe this happened because we couldn’t see or touch each other. Instead, we touched each other’s hearts. For some, it was easier to open up with the illusion of anonymity – to speak our truth in the comfort of our own space. We also had the benefit of being in circle with women from across the nation.

triskele 1

This is my time to powerfully do my work. And so, I’m offering an experience of circlework and an invitation to discover the deep feminine that lies within – “A Call to Circle”. You can find the details on my website and check out current happenings. Don’t wait though, there is a limit to the number of participants.

You can email me if you want more information or have questions. Head shot (2)

Blessings, Coleen


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