How Can You Be So Happy?!

I am cursed. It’s true. No matter how dark a place I’m in or how many challenges I might be facing or who has left me – I find a bright spot, something to be grateful for, a new branch in the road that will lead to a new adventure.

I like to credit my Irish heritage with this ability. The weather in Ireland is always changing and if you don’t like it, well just wait a bit and you’ll have something else. Such a healthy positive outlook. But in typical Irish contradiction, I’m also rather put out that I can’t seem to sink into the lovely arms of melancholy. It’s a wonderful state, being sad and melancholy. And just when I start settling in, the weather changes.

Aw well, what can you do? The wheel keeps turning and none of us can change it. Nature knows it and she shows us this “truth” over and over again. The dance of Sun, Moon and Earth are comfortingly constant. Seasons follow in their patterns, tides ebb and flow, gardens grow and go fallow. Of course, just to keep it interesting, Nature’s unpredictability cuts in for unseasonable games.

We can blame the Mother for tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods. We can pretend that we have no contribution to what’s happening and we can feel/act as victims. Before we do that, perhaps we should consider how our deep drilling, fracking and clear cutting might be affecting such things. Or, if it’s really reasonable to build a home on the edge of a cliff for the incredible view and then complain that you’re a victim of nature when erosion slides that home into the sea? Aren’t we contrary beings?!

What if we consciously let ourselves become aware of the patterns in life and danced with them?


Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Here’s a really big secret. Be careful who you tell, because if this gets out our world might just go topsy turvy.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

We are co-creators. We’re partners in the patterns of life.

We don’t live in bubbles. What we do in our everydayness ripples out into the world. Our decisions create situations and choices – the Universe responds. It’s a co-created dance.


Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash

Someone once chastised me for being happy despite knowing about the really terrible things happening in the world. This person thought I was simply ignorant and when he discovered that I was in fact aware of the problems in the world, he became irate. “How can you be so happy?!” he screamed at me.

It’s almost always been my co-creative choice to be positive. Some days it’s a challenge, but I never fake it; that’s not creative. Some days I let myself slip into melancholy. I watch the horror on the news and let myself feel the pain. But I can’t stop there. It calls to me for healing, for release. It asks to be heard and witnessed. And so, I sing.

I sing the pain and sorrow, the frustration and fear. I give it voice and expression. To deny it, to refuse to be a witness is not in my character. The singing then becomes a prayer, a cleansing, a healing.

When melancholy and joy both find their way into the song, I know the weather is changing. The song moves me (and those I’m singing for) into the ebb and flow of life -bringing about a level of healing that is due to the movement the song initiates.

It makes me so happy to sing the world in this way. I choose it. I choose to engage with the challenges in the world by singing and emitting love. I choose to listen to and hear all the voices in the world’s symphony – not just the loud ones or the cacophony. I ask, “Where would you like to be? How would you like to move?” I simply sing the answer that moves through. So far, without fail, that answer has always taken the song towards joy, healing, ease, and/or love.

How can I be anything but happy in a world that hungers for these things and when given the option moves toward them?  How can I be unhappy in a world where I can help create such things?

If singing is not your thing, try breathing, moving, or love.

Pain, sorrow, frustration and fear too often have us contracting, holding our breath, hiding. A little movement – through song, breath, dance, walking, even cleaning, … can really be helpful. Just be sure you don’t move yourself into a rut. Acknowledge what is happening (keep moving), infuse it with love (keep moving), imagine other possibilities (keep moving).  In my book, Choices for Joy, I encourage considering at least three possibilities for every situation or story. We can so easily get stuck in a story, which may or may not be true. To open ourselves to possibilities is our co-creative right. I wonder what we can stir up?


Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash

I love hearing from folks and look forward to your stories of dealing with the world or what you’re stirring up.

Thanks for reading and being part of my circle.

Blessings, ~ Coleen

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