The fallout, at least for me, from all the eclipse activity since August is that I can no longer not attend to me. Yes, there’s a double negative in there. My apologies. I just had to say it in that way, once.

You see I’ve finally caught up with myself.

All these insights and teachings have been coming through me for the last couple years – particularly around co-creativity, authenticity and the deep feminine. I’ve been writing, speaking, blogging, posting and teaching. I’ve felt the importance of it all – and its immediacy. It had to get out in the world. I had to do my part.

On the side, I let the teachings and insight come into my personal life. You know, when there was time.

I know I’m overstating this a bit. In fact, I might be exaggerating outrageously. But I do know, without any doubt at all, that I was not at the top of my list or at the center of this work.

Perhaps, it wasn’t required. Perhaps I needed to get it down and out in the world as it was coming through to me. But as keenly as I sensed and gathered what needed to come through, I sense that they now must move through my living them. I cannot be on the sidelines of my work.

It’s time to stop holding stories for everyone else and story my life in a newly focused way. This might take a bit of courage.

As I write this, I feel my body humming. Aspects of myself that have been half asleep are rousing, dusting themselves off and looking around with great excitement and anticipation. I hear a whisper:

“One’s work should always come through the story of one’s life.”

WOW! That’s a game changer, isn’t it? I am not what I do. What I do is an integrated part of the whole of who I am.

Those newly awakening parts of me are shaking their heads yes, and doing it enthusiastically. Other parts of me are looking around anxiously. What will this look like?

This is where storying one’s life get’s interesting. I feel like I’m facing an auditorium full of people waiting expectantly for the play to begin. But the key actor has left the building and there’s no understudy. Who opens for me now? I find this frightening, but also intoxicating; I’m off book – anything is possible!

Spider Woman drops down into my view and smiles. “Tell them about your guideposts,” she encourages. “They’re the only pieces that are always there. You can weave a story later. Tell them about your guideposts.”

Right. When it’s time to jump one’s web, guideposts are vital. What are they? They are integral to everything I am. This is what it’s all about right now; promising me.

I promise me to see who I can be. I promise me to serve the world by being fully present to myself in my life. In doing this, I offer more of myself to the world – not just what I can do, but who I am. What joy! What magic can happen?

Guideposts are the things that are always true, the “structures” upon which the web of one’s life is woven. What is always true for you? What foundations are your life built upon? For me, music is an essential guidepost. Can you guess what the others might be? Here are some photos to give you clues:


I’ll share my guideposts over the next couple of posts. I wonder what yours might be?

I’m grateful to share this new process with you as I learn to navigate my life differently and work from a new perspective. I love hearing from you and look forward to your stories of new walksguessing what my guideposts might be or sharing your guideposts .

Thanks for reading and being part of my circle. Comments are welcome below.

~ Coleen


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