3 Ways to Boost Your Life and Energy – #3

Create a life where you’re fed instead of drained. We’re out of practice with sharing our stories and marking the significant moments in life (or in a day or year). Here in day #3, I offer a final relatively easy way to shift our focus in a beneficial and long lasting way for happier and healthier lives – you’re going to be amazed.

This is day #3 in my 3 days covering 3 ways to boost your lifeforce.

  1. Day 1 is here.
  2. Day 2 is here.
  3. Embrace the Power of Story.  We lose ourselves when we don’t tell our stories. We feel disconnected when we do not know the stories of those in our lives. And, when we fail to mark our days, years and lives with the ritual of story, we lose our significance and sense of community. Humans, by design, are collective animals. We need each other for survival, we need each other to thrive. We need story to find meaning and connection with ourselves and each other. Without them, we just move aimlessly through lives that are more drudgery than vitality. Why, because we must be witnessed. Sharing story helps us to know that we are not alone. Witnessing story helps us see our significance in community. Hearing someone else’s story inspires and connects us. Listening to each other’s story is key to finding places to share resources and to discovering co-creative solutions to meet individual and community needs. That may all sound big and technical, but’s really not. We all know how to do it, we just need to be reminded of its importance to help us take the time and the risk. Start in easy small ways.

Share something about yourself with at least one person on a regular basis. Doing this over coffee or even online at a regularly scheduled time makes it a ritual, something to rely on. This can also be a regular conversation with your kids on the way to school each morning (and the way home).  Unplug from technology and connect with each other. You’ll be amazed to discover things you didn’t know.

Journal your thoughts, feelings, and important happenings. Then read your journal every month to find the threads of story that want to be woven into a tapestry for your life.

Make this a fun and engaging process. Don’t work at it, just do it and explore how it feels. Avoid listening to another’s story with an agenda to fix or help. Let go and just listen to the story.  A commitment to embracing story is important, otherwise our everyday busy lifestyles will bury it. Beyond that just be an adventurer in personal story, finding the natural connections to shared passions, ways to combine resources, new perspectives and healthy, happy and vital living.


Please – Like, share, follow, comment and forward to friends and colleagues. I’m Coleen Rhalena Renee  – a spiritual healer and teacher. I appreciate you helping me Head shotpass along these insights, teachings and thoughts to ponder.  I’m deeply grateful to all my readers and thank you for your support and for the work you do to heal the world and celebrate its beauty. 

If you need assistance in walking your path visit my website and considering working with me if what I offer resonates with you. Many blessings, ~ Coleen

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