Hi, Lena here.
Welcome to the magic of story!

I am a writer, a crafter of story. Stories can heal, inspire and connect us. Truth is that we’re all in the same story. We might be in different chapters. We might be walking through the lessons on different pages. Nevertheless, we are connected through our stories.

My passion is story! I write to bring our awareness to the stories we carry, which need healing. I write to introduce the possibility of new story lines – or the wisdom of reclaiming some old ones. I write to introduce you to the power and fun of shared story.

As a writer, I intend to offer a voice of science, magic, plain good sense and joy. Each of these provide perspective in their own way. Science gives us the structure we might long for, tells us why, what and where. Magic gives us mystery, without which life is dull. Good plain sense gives us permission to use what serves us in our everyday life and keeps our feet on the ground. Joy feeds our heart, centers us in what makes us vital and juicy. A balance of the four seems a good life to me.

I invite you to share a bit of your story in the “comments”. I expect that you will do so with compassion for yourself and consideration for others.

If you’d like to know more about my story, please visit me. You’ll find me on Facebook and on my website. You can also join my email list for specials, author events and Fan Only information.

Let’s get our story started!

Lena (C.Rhalena Renee)

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