3-Steps to Spring Cleaning that Will Change Your Life

My mother was always big on spring cleaning. She’d usually declared it time for this annual ritual during our spring break from school. Yes, as you can imagine, this announcement was met with groans from me and my siblings. But Mom made it relatively fun. We got to sleep in, and the work itself was down with lots of singing and story – our family’s “spoonful of sugar” for those tasks we weren’t thrilled with.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

As an adult, I moved my personal spring cleaning ritual to earlier in the year. I do it when the season changes after the long winter months. It’s when I notice the birds singing, the crocuses popping up through the snow and that shift in the air telling me that spring is on its way. I do it when I cannot resist opening the windows and letting fresh air blow through the house.

When we’re living in times like these, when it seems like every week some major shift has happened, I do a second clearing. For me, Spring Cleaning is a spiritual practice that opens the way for new life, new opportunities, new perspective. This year, I extended my spring cleaning to clearing out old financial and business files. You see, I feel a new breeze wanting to move through those aspects of my life.

How do I make spring cleaning a spiritual practice that changes my life on every level? I have a three step process.

Step One – Gratitude for what is.

Like in all rituals, preparation is essential. Setting the frame of your intention is critical. As I’m gathering supplies and making a list of what I want to accomplish, I stay in a gratitude frame of mind. I express my gratitude that I have a home, furniture, window treatments, collectibles, family heirlooms, … that need to be attended to. I remind myself that clearing away will allow the new and fresh to enter my life. I sing – or put on my favorite music or inspirational program.

I make a pact with myself to avoid any self recrimination about the state of things. If I catch myself in ‘should haves’, I stop immediately and re-center in gratitude.

Step Two – Using the Physical to Clear the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual 


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

As I physically clear away dust, clutter and staleness – I consider what I might need to clear away mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I let the physical acts of dusting, scrubbing and sweeping be the vehicles for letting go on all levels. I do this in lots of little ways. Basically, I think about different aspects of my life while I’m doing the physical tasks. For example, as I’m deep cleaning the kitchen (the place where I cook for myself) I ask how I’m feeding myself in other ways and if any change needs to occur. I usually discover that I’m working too much and I make decisions on what I can let go of. It’s amazing how helpful this process is and how naturally the kitchen supplies me with ways to work this out. As I’m doing easy jobs like wiping down the light switches, easy things to let go of around work come to mind. When I’m using all my strength to move the refrigerator and clean behind it, I find myself focusing on any “mountain” of resistance in my work. The emotion of that resistance helps fuel my strength to move the refrigerator. The areas behind and under the refrigerator often become the hidden things that need to be cleared up and let go of. As I wipe the dust and dirt away physically, I release my resistance mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Just let your house become a metaphor or symbol of your current life – and let it speak to you. As you’re washing windows, ask what you aren’t able to see in your life. As you’re dusting the book shelves, notice what titles grab your attention and ask why.

Avoid over analyzing in this process. Just see what emerges.  I like to keep a notebook handy in case I receive a really important insight that I want to be sure to remember. I also tend to move through the house in a counter clockwise direction – the direction of undoing.

Step Three: Opening, Blessings and Celebration

When you’re done with the clearing and cleaning tasks, don’t stop there. This is the moment to bless the new, open to what’s coming and celebrate your achievement. I do this after every room and then when the entire house is complete. What does it look like?


Photo by Kevin Kristhian on Unsplash

Often, quite simply, I take a moment to look at the fresh new space and just enjoy it. I might treat myself with a cuppa tea or a delicious snack while I think of what new things might happen in this space and in my life. I might promise to use my grandmother’s teapot more often and remember how dear she was to me. Or, I might give myself permission (and a commitment) to read that juicy novel after dinner instead of finding ways to work more.

When the entire house is complete, I walk through it (in a clockwise direction) blessing each space, setting my intentions for the season ahead and speaking my gratitude for all that is and all this is coming. This is often the time that I open all the windows as a sign


Photo by Robert Pruteanu on Unsplash

to the universe that I am open to what new things will serve me. I might put flowers around the house and/or light candles. I might dance through the house in celebration. Depending on my mood, I then snuggle up with a good book or movie and enjoy being in my home – or, I invite friends over for tea or dinner to help me bless the space.

Why do these three steps work so powerfully? Creating space, movement and/or flow in one area of your life opens all the other areas to the same energies. Yesterday, I spring cleaned my financials and business. This morning I was offered an opportunity to double my income in a way that feels easy and filled with grace. Worry left me and my heart sang!

If you have questions or comments about this process, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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What Do You Want? 3 Ways to Listen to Your Heart

Last weekend, on three separate occasions, I was asked, “What do you want?” In each case, it was conversational, but I have this agreement about three times. When Spirit wants to get my attention, I’m offered something three times. And I acknowledge that each time the question was asked last weekend, I could feel something powerful beneath it. I couldn’t just give a flip or casual answer. I actually got tongue tied, which is unusual for me.

After the social events of the weekend and my house guests left, I asked myself, “What do you want?” In my experience there are three things one must do with a question like this.

#1 Get Quiet. Questions that have a tug and seem to twinkle with power must be considered in a place of quiet. For me, that means going to my room, going out to a quiet place on the land, or taking a long drive through a beautiful landscape. Phone is off, to-do list is put away. I ask the question and simply listen to who/what wants my attention.

2013-10-09 003 (4)

I often receive guides to help me: an eagle flying next to me on the road; a river singing me songs of healing; an ancestor or angel whispering wisdom. Whether I’m half dreaming in my room, wading in a river, or speeding along on the road, much is happening around me. Some of it speaks to my question, some doesn’t.

#2 Notice What Has a ChargeAs I consider my question, I do so with a sense of detachment. I use a soft focus and very wide periphery (wide angle vision) that allows me to sense a lot. My task is to notice what has a charge; what shines, tingles, vibrates interestingly,… It’s like when a friend gives you a choice of three movies to go see. As he list the movies, you hear each title. And if you listen closely, you can hear which one(s) he truly wants to see because he speaks those titles with a little something extra in his voice – a charge. He might say it a little softer, louder, faster,… Something about it stands out and gets your attention.

I might see dozens of birds on my journey, but only one, the eagle, seems to connect with me, as if giving me a message. Lots of scenes and stories might flit through my mind, but something about Auntie’s words on her front porch swing when I was five seem to echo in my head. Many side roads might appear on my journey, but I only take the ones that I can feel pulling at my solar plexus. Everything else on my quest may be beautiful, something to explore for another day even, but I only attend to what has a charge.

#3 Be Patient and Don’t Grasp at Answers. I’ve asked my question, gone to a quiet place and noticed what has a charge. It can be quite tempting now to try to just make a meal out of whatever I’ve gathered. But I know from experience, it is best to simply be patient and wait for the alchemy to happen. A question like this might take days, weeks, months, even years to answer. Sometimes I go for a drive and come home with an answer. More often, I receive important guidance, messages, insights and possibilities, but no real answer. These kinds of questions are not for the microwave, they’re more the crock pot kind of meal. These questions need to be carried for awhile until something settles firmly in your place of knowing.

Too often, we ask questions and only listen to our head. We ask them with the pressure of getting it right, or at least answering quickly. To take action on such answers is usually a waste of time and resources.

These questions must be taken to our hearts; that’s where the wisdom lies. The heart understands that without the pressure of performing or hurrying – a deeper, more true and significantly more satisfying answer will emerge – and it will do so in right timing.

Do I have an answer? I have the beginning of an answer. In the quiet, I noticed how many things in my life are just noise: busywork, other people’s expectations, my fears and doubts. I’ve cleared much of that away, creating space for what I want to land. A client shared that she’s tired of trying to impress and of people trying to impress her; she just wants to know who people are and what they’re doing. When she said this, I felt a cleansing wind move through and blow away all the pressure I’ve been feeling lately to create sound bites and marketing platforms. And then it happened.

I came to understand the question in a new way. I have spent over two decades asking what the world wants from me and willingly offering my gifts and talents to that need.  It worked. But it really doesn’t sustain me anymore. Now, I must ask, “What do I want?”

My answer is that when I find the answer, I will magnetize the work and people that resonate with what makes my heart happy. Yeah, that’s what I want! I can feel my heart’s truth emerging. I also feel an incredible trust growing; a trust that when I’m in deep resonance with what I want, I will be offering what the world needs from me.


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Do You Appreciate the Joys of the Senses?

Mama Earth titillates us with sweet scented air; budding trees that break into blossom; the song of returning birds and mamas calling to their young; the feel of warm sun on our skin; and, the unforgettable taste of fresh greens.

The sensual nature of May goes on and on; the sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the pungent scent of freshly turned earth, the cool feel of this soil as you plant seeds, the neighborly sounds of the local Farmer’s Market, …

In Celtic tradition, May Day – or Beltane – is the beginning of summer. Summer Solstice is the height and midpoint of the summer season. May Day celebrates the increasing power of the sun and his ever growing ability to penetrate the earth in the sacred union that brings us life. The Maypole is seated deep into the earth and with dance and song, we weave our intentions and desires for the season ahead. Our ribbons of desire woven around the pole provide a visual symbol for what we hope to create and harvest.

May pole

These days, most people don’t literally dance around the Maypole. However, we don’t resist the call of Mama Earth to come out and play. We find ourselves drawn to what’s happening all around us. Sap is rising in the trees – which gently blossom, promising us delicious fruit very soon. Enlivening energy rises also within us; love is in the air, hope blossoms, we find excuses to get out – even if that only means taking our laptop out on the deck or squeezing in a walk during lunch.

I invite you all to consciously and joyfully enter the dance of May. Stop and smell the lilacs, tulips, camellias. Gather the edible greens in your yard and truly let yourself notice how your body welcomes their fresh nutrients. Or, just pay attention when you rub lotion into your skin. Savor the first sip or tea or coffee in the morning. Go to a Farmer’s Market.

Beltane is traditionally celebrated on May 1st. Lunar Beltane is on April 29th this year, which is also the full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio also calls to our sensual natures. If you get a chance, dance in the moonlight and enjoy the sensation of a moon bath. (Moon bathing is pretty much the same as sun bathing open to the light and enjoy!)

May literally calls us to our senses. Answer the call and see what happens!

Please – Like, share, follow, comment and forward to friends and colleagues. I’m Coleen Head shotRhalena Renee  – a spiritual healer and teacher. I appreciate you helping me pass along these insights, teachings and thoughts to ponder.  I’m deeply grateful to all my readers and thank you for your support and for the work you do to heal the world and celebrate its beauty. 

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How Goes Your Flow?

Life can make us feel constipated. And sometimes, things can feel like their flowing out of control. I’ve had days (particularly as I’ve gotten older) where I feel dried up – then times when suddenly it seems the dry season is over and inspiration rains upon me. This leaves me feeling juicy and sensual and vibrant.

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As a writer I experience these different flows in terms of writer’s block or, at the other end of the spectrum, as if I am moving in an endless dance with my muse. And it’s not just about the way I feel. Sometimes the muse refuses to dance, or the book I’m writing insists on being left alone. I’ve been through it enough times that I’ve begun to trust in the different ways of flowing.

For example, I remember when I was writing my first novel I’d look up from my computer and notice dishes piled in the sink and a room that looked like a midden heap with things piled and strewn around. I’d wonder who made this mess? Then I’d realize that I’d been writing for several days solid. It felt great! I’d scroll through my story and be amazed at how much I’d written. I’d been transported to a different realm where only the muse, the story and I were players. I must have eaten and moved about my home, but I wasn’t really aware of any of that.

In these moments, the biggest part of me wanted to get back to that place of inspired writing and keep going.  I’d push myself to get back to that place of productivity, that sweet nirvana. But like as not, the muse would refuse to show up or the story would insist on being left to simmer. After a few times of making myself write, I learned that it was a waste of time. The writing was never good and I almost always ended up deleting it entirely.

I soon discovered that the sweet nirvana was not a passing thing. I was able to find it rather consistently – even if it wasn’t always on my time table. So I stopped grabbing for it. When I did find it and then came back to the “real” world, I’d eat, shower, nap and then clean the house. It felt pretty good to clear away the debris of my writing stint and to move my body. I began to treasure the relief of letting go of the muse and the story; the next dance would come soon enough and I’d move again to the rhythm of the work.

Lately, I’ve been challenged in my everyday life around flow. My body insisted that I slow down and listen more closely to it. In fact, I couldn’t really settle into anything. I felt discontent in my work, my social life and my spirituality. Nothing seemed to fit anymore. I’d feel inspiration around a new idea and the next day, it would slip away.  I couldn’t follow through with any of the ideas that seemed brilliant just a few hours ago.

Oh, I fought it! I made myself create classes or write essays that never got any traction. Instead of making me feel better, I felt not only discontent, but also felt like a failure. None of the seeds I planted sprouted. Quite honestly, I wondered if I’d just lost it. “It” being my creativity and inspiration.

Somewhere in December, I gave up. I ran out of oomph. I slept, I rested, I hid in my room. I watched TV. Then I got bored.

I have little tolerance for boredom. The world is a marvelous, mysterious, magical place; there’s no excuse for being bored. On the rare occasions in my my life when I’ve gotten to boredom, I quickly went deep so I could really listen to what was going on and/or I changed my environment.

It was time to listen in a new way. What did I hear? You need rest, lots of it; surrender to it. It’s time to change both your inner landscape and your outer landscape. Listen to your body, it will lead the way.

I kept listening. I stopped pressuring myself to be productive. I stopped blaming/shaming myself for this spot I was in. I watched for what was showing up, but I no longer grabbed at things as if they were a life line. I swayed with what showed up to see how it felt and if it’s call would last. If I could move in tune with it for a while, I’d jump in. I felt rather like a young girl playing jump rope in the school yard. If I tensed up and put pressure on myself, I almost always tripped up as I stepped into the swinging rope. If I gave myself a moment to get in tune with the rhythm of the rope’s swing, I’d move into it with grace and could jump for a long time without getting tangled up.

Now here I am in late March, looking back at the last six months or so and seeing it with new eyes. So much change within and around me was happening. At the time, I saw myself as dried up with an inability to start anew. Now, I see that I was flooded with possibility; so much potential was flowing that I couldn’t get any traction. I was a flood plain inundated with new needs and new ways. Instead of waiting for the waters to recede, I kept trying to plant seeds and getting frustrated that nothing took root.

The waters did recede. I’m seeing the incredibly fertile and fecund ground now being revealed. I could plant lots of seeds that would take root and flourish. I could feed millions.

Yet, what truly calls me is the river bed. I find that I have become the water rather than the farmer wanting to plant seeds. What calls me is somewhere down stream. I feel a delicious bubbling anticipation as I find the channel that will take me there.


Photo by Waqas Akhtar on Unsplash

I treasure the time I spent slowly flowing over the flood plain; I moved through a lot of things and left a lot behind. In listening deeply, I heard the song of the river and am now able to jump into it’s deeper channel and dance my way around the river’s bend to …

I know I’m not the only one who has been challenged to flow differently in my life. I welcome your comments, your stories and any questions. How is your landscape changing?

Blessings to you and whatever you follow or plant.  ~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helpstalking to the elements clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

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#IPromiseMe – Can We Really Change Our Story? Part 2


I recently did a presentation around the power of story and had it video taped. This is the second clip and I even sing an original song for the group.

Emotion along with the “aha” moments are wonderful transformers. I’m truly grateful for this one in my life. Don’t waste your aha’s. Invest in yourself and create a story you really like living.

~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

Find out more about Coleen’s work.  Ask for a free 15 minute consult.

#IPromiseMe – Can We Really Change Our Story?


I recently did a presentation around the power of story and had it video taped. So today I offer a video.  Enjoy!

What stories of yours are wanting to transform? Need and intention are great facilitators. Go for it!

~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

Find out more about Coleen’s work.  Ask for a free 15 minute consult.

#IPromiseMe: Music Reveals the Secrets

On my quest to identify my personal guideposts, I quickly found music. Didn’t even have to think about this one. When Spider Woman asked the question, music erupted.

I often hear music in the world around me – even in the silence of my heart. Music has always helped me make sense of the world. It comforts, heals and inspires me. I thought I knew all about it as a guidepost in my life.

However, as I’m giving a great deal of attention and consideration to my other guideposts, it seems dismissive to not do the same with music. Added plus, I get to  be in music!  Woo Hoo!

For me, music is like mathematics; it’s a universal language and it cannot hold a lie. Sure, one can use math or even music to support an illusion or an outright lie – but the math and music themselves can only be who they are. Music goes right to the core and speaks directly to the heart. Lyrics can focus it, but it’s the music itself that tells you the truth of the lyrics.

Better yet, music opens me to the secrets of the universe and illuminates me, myself and I. It is within music that I most understand myself. Music, often through my SpiritSong practice, helps me untie the knots of my own doubts and fears. Music shows me clarity and opens the path before me. Music calms and excites me – it holds me in it’s loving arms and reminds me of who I am.

A music major at Central Washington University recently sent me a beautiful talk about music and how it might save the world. It’s well worth the read and explains wonderfully the power of music to heal and transform. It’s by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of music division at Boston Conservatory. Read it.

As I sit with my guidepost, music, it’s beginning to teach me how the guideposts interact with each other and how they move through the web we create in our lives. The sensation I’m receiving is quite like hearing a really resonate bass note, or a didgeridoo, or a crystal bowl; I feel it vibrating deliciously through my bones, my heart, my body. I cannot resist the joyful merging for it makes everything more vibrant. It makes everything better. Ah, hello guidepost of alchemy! Ooh, and welcome guidepost of sensual nature being. I see them co-creating a symphony that manifests into the matrix from which my web is woven. It is as soft and subtle as the music of sunset, changing the landscape with every breath.


Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash

Once again, music reveals to me the secrets of the Universe. I am in deep gratitude!

I am also, as always, in deep gratitude for you, my readers. I welcome comments and sharing of your stories.  ~ Coleen

Have You Tasted Winter’s Quiet?

No, I have not invented a new holiday drink – although that would be interesting. What would a winter’s quiet taste like? Perhaps a minty coolness followed by a smooth dark chocolate – not sweet, something that takes your breath and then envelops you in warmth. Something that makes your bones feel heavy in a really delicious way.

Amid the rush of the holidays, I make sure I take moments to enjoy the quiet of winter. There’s nothing like it. Wrapped in warm clothes, sitting on a bench as my breath fogs before me, I let everything go and listen to the beauty. There’s usually a nip at my nose and maybe, if the day is just right, my feet get cold as I sit longer than usual. I love the tree skeletons frosted white, the grey of the landscape and the hawks soaring above the fields. No jingling bells, honking horns, annoying carols or list of to-do’s. I can hear my own heart beat, a lowing from the cows, the setting of the sun.


Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash

Another favorite is driving through town after dark and seeing all the holiday lights.  Sometimes I listen to carols while I do this, or just sing them. In these moments, I’m remembering my childhood and allowing myself to sit in the wonder of all the twinkling lights. I always end up at the top of the hill overlooking the city. I sit here in the quiet, thinking in gratitude of all the loved ones who’s lights are twinkling up at me.


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

And when it’s really cold or wet or I’m just tired? I light the fireplace, lace my tea  with whiskey and gaze into the flames. I have a lovely conversation with them as they reflect my own inner lights and dreams.

These are the moments of tasting winter’s quiet. For me, they are priceless. What are your favorite moments?

Today’s video is a reflection of this quiet with some poetry and prose. Enjoy this as our journey to our inner light continues as we approach winter solstice.


Blessings, Coleen

Don’t Beta Your Life on It.

Human physiology is fascinating. We’re discovering new aspects of our unique potentials every day. Of course, if you remember from an earlier post – quantum mechanics teaches us that what we look for, we will find.

I have recently been looking for information to understand how the work I do as a psychic, intuitive and empath affect my physical health. I’ve suspected that I’m spending too much time in certain brainwave patterns.

Years ago, in a training with Tom Brown Jr. I discovered ways to quickly and easily move from a Beta state of awareness to an Alpha state. Tom shared information from boifeedback studies and cultural comparisons between Westerners and indigenous peoples. I already knew that indigenous people are more tuned into the world around them – including deep connection to plants, animals, ancestors, spirits of the land and dream work. Because I was opening to my gifts, I was particularly interested in this.

Indigenous people spend 90% of their time in the Alpha state of awareness, where as Westerners spend 90% of their time in Beta. Beta is a higher frequency brainwave – a place, we were told, where we cannot learn new information, we cannot heal, our creativity is very limited and our ability to sense the paranormal is greatly inhibited.

The alpha state of awareness is slower. When we are in this state our ability to learn and heal is highest; our physical performance in increased (athletes call this “the zone”); and our ability to perceive the paranormal is greatly increased. When we are out in nature, we tend to move into an alpha state of awareness. This explains why we usually feel so much better afterwards.

With the amount of caffeine and sugar we consume, the constant stimulation from electronic media, and our tendency to live indoors in front of our computers – the Western lifestyle is a recipe for living in Beta. Beta does help us process and stay task focused. The cost however, of living primarily in Beta is extremely high stress and anxiety. Sound familiar. Deep relaxing breaths, walks in nature and wide angle vision will help us move into Alpha quickly.

talking to the elements

There are other states of awareness – Theta, Delta and Gamma. (Find more detail about the science of brainwaves.) Since Tom’s workshop I’ve discovered that we are never in just one state of awareness; the various brainwaves don’t just stop, but at any one time, one brainwave is primary.

Over the years, I have ventured more and more into Theta and Delta states, which are much slower – and physical performance is decreased. I have been favoring the spiritual body and my physical body is showing the strain. As I’ve walked more and more between the worlds, I’ve been walking less and less out in the world. I can feel quite sluggish at times and have turned to caffeine and sugar when I need to function. My experience is that although that works short term, it also sends my body into an odd spiral of inconsistent sleep patterns.

My conclusion: honor all states of awareness. I’ve demonized Beta, because it closes off access to my gifts as a psychic, intuitive, empath – and to my work as a spiritual healer. But balance in all things makes plain good sense. I will allow myself to have the joy of an iced coffee on a hot day, or a really lovely piece of dark chocolate on occasion. But I will not use them to jump me into Beta. Nature – and with dancing with all levels of awareness – will be my magical elixirs.