5 Ways Ancient Stories Speak to Us Across Time?

Can a tech savvy, fast paced world find any relevance in ancient stories?

If the number of movies and television shows, which include mythical themes, are any indication – the answer is yes! We’ve come to a place where our tech brains are hungering for heart context.

Enter eternal myths.


Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Thor and Wonder Woman (the Amazon) may be stepping into modern day life on screen, but they – along with all the other gods, goddesses, and elemental beings – are also stepping into our lives and activating aspects of our psyches that have been sleeping. Like the “Librarians” we protect a vast treasure of ancient knowledge. We house this treasure in our psyches and when new strategies, new ideas, new perspectives are needed, we need only tap into them.

These eternal myths are called archetypes. We recognize them immediately, often having a strong emotional response to them. When we feel such emotion, it’s wise to pay attention; that archetype wants to be activated in your life.

When the outer world becomes chaotic and uncertain, these archetypes call to us. They are not new, but they offer new perspective. How do they call us? Here are 5 ways:

#1. We Meet Someone Who is Very Different. We might have a strong attraction to this person, or even a strong desire to run from them. Something about them stirs something within us. We must respond. Open your eyes and heart to what this person might have to teach you. They are a living embodiment of an archetype you would do well to activate in yourself (in big or small ways). Note, this archetype might show up in an imbalanced way in order to teach you how not to approach the gifts they carry. For example, if you need to learn to use your voice and speak your truth, you might meet someone who does that in a strong and honorable way as well as meeting someone who carelessly hurts those around her with her words. Both have something to teach you as you open to this new way of walking in your life.

#2. We Become Lost. What we’ve always done just doesn’t seem to work anymore. We might feel bored, frustrated, and/or impotent. Usually this is because the archetypes we’ve relied on simply do not carry the energies needed for our current situations. This can show up as empty nest syndrome, a midlife crisis, a desire to walk away from everything, or a stubborn grasping onto what has always been. Beware. Do not rush to blame those around you. Instead, look for opportunities to try something new. Someone or something very different might be walking into your world. A perfect example of this is the mother whose pre-teens don’t need her as much. The strong mother archetype within her can become stymied and over controlling or depressed because she is no longer needed. This is a wonderful time for her to open to new aspects of herself or revive parts of herself she let go of when she became a mother.

#3. The Unexpected Lands in our Lap. This may be a situation where you literally get lost. You take the wrong turn and end up where you never knew you wanted to be. It can also look like losing a job, a partner, a friend – something that turns your world on it ears. This doesn’t have to be unpleasant. You might win a trip that takes you to a land that opens your heart. You might see a sign on the side of a bus that wakes you to an unknown passion. Following these unexpected leads can introduce you to the archetype you most need. I am not alone in recognizing that a serious injury became a great blessing because it introduced me to something new, and simply gave me time out of my ordinary schedule to hear what my heart was longing for.

#4. A Movie Grabs Us and Won’t Let us Go.  You’ve probably experienced watching a moving and unaccountably feeling connected to a character. The character seems to follow you home, appears in your dreams, shows up in conversations. Everywhere you go, there’s some reminder of this character. Pay attention, the archetype is greeting you and asking you to play. If you find yourself saying, “I wish I could be like that,” know that you can. It might look like a different version, but answer the call! This might show up in a strong connection to a particular actor. For example, I will watch almost anything that Sandra Bullock is in. Her characters tend to be strong, vulnerable and deeply caring. Like me, they often struggle with the balance of carrying all three. 

#5. A Book Jumps Off the Shelf. I’ve heard so many clients share that a book seemed to jump off the shelf and it was just what they needed. Yep, this happens. Sometimes it’s a book you bought years ago and never read. Follow these occurrences, they are not random. Something in you is calling to something in it. Be adventurous, see what it is. Note that often we have a sense of what we will need in the future. Those unread books or unopened art kits need not be a source of self chastisement; the archetype within knew his/her time was coming. Good on you for listening!

These are just a few common ways that our inner archetypes use to get our attention. These experiences wake us up, get us to look at things in new ways and gather from deep within us new strategies for living our lives. Here’s the kicker: you have to live in real life. Avoid getting lost in the movie, book, trip, etc. Instead of imagining what you might do, actually do it. Give your friends and family something to talk about!

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