3 Ways to Boost Your Life and Energy – #3

Create a life where you’re fed instead of drained. We’re out of practice with sharing our stories and marking the significant moments in life (or in a day or year). Here in day #3, I offer a final relatively easy way to shift our focus in a beneficial and long lasting way for happier and healthier lives – you’re going to be amazed.

This is day #3 in my 3 days covering 3 ways to boost your lifeforce.

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  2. Day 2 is here.
  3. Embrace the Power of Story.  We lose ourselves when we don’t tell our stories. We feel disconnected when we do not know the stories of those in our lives. And, when we fail to mark our days, years and lives with the ritual of story, we lose our significance and sense of community. Humans, by design, are collective animals. We need each other for survival, we need each other to thrive. We need story to find meaning and connection with ourselves and each other. Without them, we just move aimlessly through lives that are more drudgery than vitality. Why, because we must be witnessed. Sharing story helps us to know that we are not alone. Witnessing story helps us see our significance in community. Hearing someone else’s story inspires and connects us. Listening to each other’s story is key to finding places to share resources and to discovering co-creative solutions to meet individual and community needs. That may all sound big and technical, but’s really not. We all know how to do it, we just need to be reminded of its importance to help us take the time and the risk. Start in easy small ways.

Share something about yourself with at least one person on a regular basis. Doing this over coffee or even online at a regularly scheduled time makes it a ritual, something to rely on. This can also be a regular conversation with your kids on the way to school each morning (and the way home).  Unplug from technology and connect with each other. You’ll be amazed to discover things you didn’t know.

Journal your thoughts, feelings, and important happenings. Then read your journal every month to find the threads of story that want to be woven into a tapestry for your life.

Make this a fun and engaging process. Don’t work at it, just do it and explore how it feels. Avoid listening to another’s story with an agenda to fix or help. Let go and just listen to the story.  A commitment to embracing story is important, otherwise our everyday busy lifestyles will bury it. Beyond that just be an adventurer in personal story, finding the natural connections to shared passions, ways to combine resources, new perspectives and healthy, happy and vital living.


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3 Ways to Boost Your Life and Energy – #2

Everyday life can drain and exhaust us, especially if we let ourselves get caught up in transgressions against us. If you want steps that are relatively easy and shift the focus in a beneficial and long lasting way – you’re going to be amazed.

This is day 2 of 3 posts in 3 days covering 3 ways to boost your life force and just be happier and healthier.

  1. (Day 1 is here.)
  2. Bless Them and Let Go. Our lives are scattered with situations that severely tax us. Whether it’s the news on TV, annoying drivers, family expectations or unreasonable deadlines at work, they can cause us great stress and drain our life force. Or, we can make other choices around them. I’ve recently discovered in my own life how often I was in resistance around things that I had no control over. The resistance showed up in many ways. Someone would cut me off in traffic; I’d grumble to myself about them and on bad days go into a rant about discourtesy and irresponsibility; then share all that with the next person I saw.  A family member would make a thoughtless comment that hurt my feelings; I’d review a litany of past transgressions towards me from my entire family and vow to never be like ‘them’. These little internal dramas would take my time and energy, and they would not help me in any way. They didn’t resolve, heal or change anything except decrease my sense of well- being. Things happen and people are sometimes careless with us. It’s hard not to want to do something about it. Gregg Braden made a suggestion about blessings that really works for me. It gives me an action to take, which assuages my need to have some control; it offers healing and opens my heart; it introduces helpful and nourishing energy that revitalizes me. (This also works wonders when I’m the one who was thoughtless or careless.)

I bless the one who caused the harm.

I bless the one who was harmed.

I bless all who were witnesses to it.

These simple statements shift everything. They free us from the frustration of feeling impotent, because we’ve taken a very helpful action. Having taken that action, it frees us to move on to what’s next in our day. It saves an incredible amount of time.  I’ve done this for about 5 years now and it has made a true difference in my internal dialogues and in my relationships. I encourage you to give it a try. It’s amazing how this simple act ripples out in one’s life and in the world.


Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash



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3 Ways to Boost Your Life and Energy

Drained, Exhausted, Overwhelmed? Yes, I know that’s our cultural norm these days, but it doesn’t have to be. And if you don’t want your life to be colorless or full of over responsibility and pressure, you have to take a stand and some action.

If you were hoping for quick fix, cover the pain, make everything seem like it’s OK – you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you want steps that are relatively easy to take and ways to shift the focus in a beneficial and long lasting way – you’re going to be amazed.

I’ll do three posts in 3 days covering the 3 ways. Here’s the first:

  1. Start Celebrating Your Life. Often, it is not what we do in our lives, it’s how we carry what we’re doing. Your day can go from a gray Eeyore colored one to a sunshine and rainbows day, or really any kind of day you want. Decide and then celebrate. It works like this. Start your morning with a plan – not of the details of your day’s duties and activities, but with an overarching flavor. “Today will be about simple pleasures.” “Today will bring new connections.” “Today, I will find calm and ease.” “Today will have beauty.”  You get the idea. Frame your day and watch how it plays out. Seriously, make a point of noticing the evidence that shows you your day has the character you planned. Be sure to notice the small gifts, not just the big obvious ones. Every time you notice, you’re also supporting your plan and making it even stronger. (Also, notice any sabotaging you might do through doubt or simple contrariness. We often make a plan and then let a little contrary voice tell us that our day won’t be any different – just hard and exhausting, as usual. When we do this, we’re actually resetting the day’s plan. The new plan will play out just as easily as the first. The choice truly, is yours.) 


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Our Stories are Re-writing Themselves. Can you feel it?


Photo by Joe Hedges on Unsplash

I’ve been feeling it in my very bones, in my cells – and most deliciously, in my heart. Honestly, for the last 9 months or so, it’s felt like I was closing my heart because I found my tolerance for certain things was ebbing fast. Thoughts around being nicer, more compassionate, more patient, more loving, …. would come up, but it was as if a river rushed in and carried them away as soon as they did. I spent a lot of time by myself because of it.

Now I see that I wasn’t closing or hardening my heart, I was emptying it of my old patterns of over responsibility that didn’t serve me or the world.

Are you feeling anything similar?

I didn’t seek out this change of heart or work to make it happen, it just evolved.

Having said that, I do acknowledge that I have been wanting, hungering for, waiting for a change that I could sense was hovering near the edge of my web. And for the first time in a very long time I sensed that there was nothing I could do to make it happen. Working “hard” at things is something else I just don’t seem to have much tolerance for anymore. What a relief that is! I’d been feeling so old and now I feel new energies and a delightful sense of vitality moving through me.

Do you find yourself letting go of “putting your nose to the grinding stone’? (What a terrible image that expression calls forth!)

Lorna Bevan of Hare in the Moon Astrology writes:
“… your soul clock is reminding you that it’s time. And isn’t it interesting , liberating yet strange to feel yourself transforming from the inside out without working on yourself? That’s right – you don’t need to do anything, or buy a self-help book or start a practice with rules or pay someone else to tell you what you need. Nothing is wrong, nothing is missing – this is what conscious evolution looks and feels like.”


Photo by Nicolai Dürbaum on Unsplash

I feel uncertain moments as I navigate this new field, which asks me to use new tools. But it’s also exciting and I’m enjoying the possibilities.

What new possibilities are you discovering in your field?



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3-Steps to Spring Cleaning that Will Change Your Life

My mother was always big on spring cleaning. She’d usually declared it time for this annual ritual during our spring break from school. Yes, as you can imagine, this announcement was met with groans from me and my siblings. But Mom made it relatively fun. We got to sleep in, and the work itself was down with lots of singing and story – our family’s “spoonful of sugar” for those tasks we weren’t thrilled with.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

As an adult, I moved my personal spring cleaning ritual to earlier in the year. I do it when the season changes after the long winter months. It’s when I notice the birds singing, the crocuses popping up through the snow and that shift in the air telling me that spring is on its way. I do it when I cannot resist opening the windows and letting fresh air blow through the house.

When we’re living in times like these, when it seems like every week some major shift has happened, I do a second clearing. For me, Spring Cleaning is a spiritual practice that opens the way for new life, new opportunities, new perspective. This year, I extended my spring cleaning to clearing out old financial and business files. You see, I feel a new breeze wanting to move through those aspects of my life.

How do I make spring cleaning a spiritual practice that changes my life on every level? I have a three step process.

Step One – Gratitude for what is.

Like in all rituals, preparation is essential. Setting the frame of your intention is critical. As I’m gathering supplies and making a list of what I want to accomplish, I stay in a gratitude frame of mind. I express my gratitude that I have a home, furniture, window treatments, collectibles, family heirlooms, … that need to be attended to. I remind myself that clearing away will allow the new and fresh to enter my life. I sing – or put on my favorite music or inspirational program.

I make a pact with myself to avoid any self recrimination about the state of things. If I catch myself in ‘should haves’, I stop immediately and re-center in gratitude.

Step Two – Using the Physical to Clear the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual 


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

As I physically clear away dust, clutter and staleness – I consider what I might need to clear away mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I let the physical acts of dusting, scrubbing and sweeping be the vehicles for letting go on all levels. I do this in lots of little ways. Basically, I think about different aspects of my life while I’m doing the physical tasks. For example, as I’m deep cleaning the kitchen (the place where I cook for myself) I ask how I’m feeding myself in other ways and if any change needs to occur. I usually discover that I’m working too much and I make decisions on what I can let go of. It’s amazing how helpful this process is and how naturally the kitchen supplies me with ways to work this out. As I’m doing easy jobs like wiping down the light switches, easy things to let go of around work come to mind. When I’m using all my strength to move the refrigerator and clean behind it, I find myself focusing on any “mountain” of resistance in my work. The emotion of that resistance helps fuel my strength to move the refrigerator. The areas behind and under the refrigerator often become the hidden things that need to be cleared up and let go of. As I wipe the dust and dirt away physically, I release my resistance mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Just let your house become a metaphor or symbol of your current life – and let it speak to you. As you’re washing windows, ask what you aren’t able to see in your life. As you’re dusting the book shelves, notice what titles grab your attention and ask why.

Avoid over analyzing in this process. Just see what emerges.  I like to keep a notebook handy in case I receive a really important insight that I want to be sure to remember. I also tend to move through the house in a counter clockwise direction – the direction of undoing.

Step Three: Opening, Blessings and Celebration

When you’re done with the clearing and cleaning tasks, don’t stop there. This is the moment to bless the new, open to what’s coming and celebrate your achievement. I do this after every room and then when the entire house is complete. What does it look like?


Photo by Kevin Kristhian on Unsplash

Often, quite simply, I take a moment to look at the fresh new space and just enjoy it. I might treat myself with a cuppa tea or a delicious snack while I think of what new things might happen in this space and in my life. I might promise to use my grandmother’s teapot more often and remember how dear she was to me. Or, I might give myself permission (and a commitment) to read that juicy novel after dinner instead of finding ways to work more.

When the entire house is complete, I walk through it (in a clockwise direction) blessing each space, setting my intentions for the season ahead and speaking my gratitude for all that is and all this is coming. This is often the time that I open all the windows as a sign


Photo by Robert Pruteanu on Unsplash

to the universe that I am open to what new things will serve me. I might put flowers around the house and/or light candles. I might dance through the house in celebration. Depending on my mood, I then snuggle up with a good book or movie and enjoy being in my home – or, I invite friends over for tea or dinner to help me bless the space.

Why do these three steps work so powerfully? Creating space, movement and/or flow in one area of your life opens all the other areas to the same energies. Yesterday, I spring cleaned my financials and business. This morning I was offered an opportunity to double my income in a way that feels easy and filled with grace. Worry left me and my heart sang!

If you have questions or comments about this process, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Please – Like, share, follow, comment and forward to friends and colleagues. I’m ColeenHead shot Rhalena Renee  – a spiritual healer and teacher. I appreciate you helping me pass along these insights, teachings and thoughts to ponder.  I’m deeply grateful to all my readers and thank you for your support and for the work you do to heal the world and celebrate its beauty. 

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Many blessings, ~ Coleen

A Woman in Gold

In the last post, I spoke of feeling like a vessel with many cracks and of being in a cycle of initiation. Initiation is not a word we’re particularly familiar with in our times. But it’s a good word to know as one moves through life. It’s particularly helpful at those times of great change and discomfort. To recognize these as times of transformation and an initiation into something new in one’s life can really take the sting and angst out of the process.  To be in initiation requires letting go so new treasures can flow into your life.

This morning I lay in bed before starting my day. Those of you who know me personally or through this blog, know that I often consider the day ahead before getting out of bed. I like slow mornings. The last few mornings I’ve really felt that enlivened sense of anticipation and energy for the new day.

My old habit would be to approach it all like a Marine. You’ve seen the commercials. “We do more by 6 AM than most people do all day.” Oohra! But today this little voice whispered, “You still need to rest.”

Rest? When was the last time I truly rested? “Exactly,” the little voice said. So I snuggled back into my comforter and decided to actively rest. I know, this sounds like a contradiction. But for many of us, it’s not. I’ve over committed and been overly responsible for the world in the last decade or so. Rest is something I need to actively practice.

I imagine walking into a sacred chamber that nobody knows about but me. It’s cozy and inviting and look, there’s a massage table just waiting for me. I glide onto it and immediately feel my body remembering what it means to rest as my muscles melt in a Pavlovian way.

Soon, I sense someone’s presence. The me on the massage table doesn’t pay any attention, but the me imagining the whole thing notices. A woman approaches me on the massage table with a paint brush in her hand. She tenderly begins to paint all my cracksSingingtheworldcropped (2)_LI with gold. The gold paint is warm and nourishing. She knows to paint me both on the outside and the inside. She patiently and lovingly tends to all my cracks. With each stroke I sink deeper into relaxation. With each sinking, the cracks grow smaller. Together, we are making me whole again.

I am reminded of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing what’s cracked with a precious lacquer of gold. “By repairing broken ceramics it’s possible to give a new lease of life to pottery that becomes even more refined thanks to its “scars”. The art of kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. (find out more)

I am now a woman in gold, learning to rest so that scars may heal and be made into marks of beauty – to create a more precious vessel. This is magic at its best!

I invite you to look at your “cracks” in a new way, perhaps as an opportunity to create yourself anew and see your sacred life as more precious because of the scars you’ve earned.



Touching the Warrior’s Heart

When I think of a symbol of the warrior, I think of a sword. But I see the sword not as a weapon of destruction. Sure, it can kill and maim. But swords are often used to focus intention, point the way, and cut away that which no longer serves. The symbol of a warrior may be the sword, but a true warrior wields it via the heart.

In today’s video, the angels asked that I channel a message for them. They call to the warrior heart in each of us.

I like that they clarified that there are many soldiers in the world today, but too few warriors. I know that today’s training for soldiers often focuses around inhibiting the heart. If not performing yet to standards, they are shamed through the use of derogatory names for the female – “girly boy” “pussy”, etc. The enemy is often portrayed in demeaning characterizations. They fight remotely where they can’t even see the enemy. The brutalities they do experience encourages them to close their hearts even further. Perhaps the greatest cost of war is the loss of the warrior’s heart?

But the angels are not asking us to go to war – in fact, they discourage us from fighting. They ask us to stand for justice, protect our beloved communities, and risk ourselves for the community. They suggest we do this in little ways, in our everyday lives, right in our own communities.

To risk is to potentially sacrifice for our community. The word sacrifice means to do something that makes all involved more sacred. This can only be accomplished through the heart. To see that ALL involved are more sacred requires us to step back and look at the big picture. It requires us to open our eyes and our hearts to everyone – to see ourselves in them, to see them in ourselves.

I’m remembering when I was a girl scout in my youth and how excited I was to earn a badge. Each badge required time, learning new skills, and putting myself out in the world in some way. Each badge helped me to become a stronger person, more skilled, more aware of the world. I looked for opportunities to learn the skills and to practice them – even after I earned my badge. And what joy I experienced as I sewed each badge on my sash.


Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash

It wasn’t about the badge. Truly, “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” It’s about feeling competent; knowing I could contribute; celebrating the actions I took; and knowing that the risks I took and the sacrifices I made were worth it.

I still look for those opportunities in life to share my skills – and most importantly, to offer my heart. Take a risk. Join me. Let’s make the world more sacred.

Thank you for joining me in this series of posts and videos; for connecting to our inner light as we move through these 21 days to Winter Solstice; and for embracing the feminine energies that will help us heal and transform the world in 2018.

Blessings, Coleen

When a Parent Dies

My father passed a year ago. I thought I was ready because he had been ill for several years. Perhaps I was prepared for him leaving this planet, but I was not prepared for my own internal shifts. Dad was no longer there to comfort or to criticize me. I became aware of how often I did – or didn’t – do something because of his expected reaction. Suddenly, I felt both free and incredibly vulnerable – I can do anything and there is no net beneath me.

Of course that’s not true. I can do anything I’m meant to do, anything I truly desire. And yes, that first primal net is gone. Yet, a year later, I see that my clipped wings have grown back to fullness and not only do I have other nets, I also have wings that significantly negate the need for them. It’s stunning, actually – the kind of stunning that stops you in your tracks until you can truly process what’s before you, both the beauty and the grief.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Now the butterfly is emerging, her vulnerable wings will soon dry. Where will she fly?

Despite the fact that we’re in the dark and cold time of the year, I feel my sap wanting to rise as I sense the possibility of new life within me. I may be out of sync with the sun, but I’m right in line with the moon. My grief has waned and I’m resting. As the dark moon approaches, I go within – evaluating and discerning what dreams wish to take flight.

In the last year, I have unearthed stories that have kept me from powerfully taking my place in the world. Even writing “powerfully taking my place” scares me as much as it excites me. I’ve broken through the cocoon of safety and its illusions – just in time.

I admired my dad’s passing. He did it incredibly well. He brought the family together for my mom’s 80th birthday a few months before he died. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 30 years. At my mom’s three day birthday event, my siblings and I reconnected, and Dad spoke his love and gratitude for all of us. Because of that time together, we were able to be there in his last days to support and comfort each other while we made the decisions that needed to be made. He waited to go until my mother was ready – and then he left us. For me, personally, his passing was beautifully timed with this last year’s growth. I am emerging full winged just as the world shifts enough for me to step into my place.

I’ve been waiting for almost ten years, now. I’ve been sharpening my skills in preparation for something that I couldn’t quite define. In some ways, I’ve felt all dressed up but nowhere to go. My life didn’t stand still, exactly. I just had this sense that I had to prepare. The unearthing of stories that kept me small and seeing the illusions of safety were my last tasks. Thanks Dad for leaving me so I could do them.

A part of me wants to step on a platform and shout to the world all that I now know. But the wiser part tells me not to push the river – rest with the moon, let my wings dry and my new dreams land. No need to stumble onto that platform. I’ll wait and then gracefully step up. It’s within reach now and I feel certain it will not vanish.

I’m just remembering when I was little that my dad told me if you didn’t step off the escalator at just the right time, you’d be taken under. I imagined the dusty, dark horror of going under and having to wait to breathe again. For years, I experienced anxiety getting off escalators. I’d stand poised to jump way too early and only breathe again when I safely landed on the next floor. Decades later, I can get off an escalator with relative ease. But the little girl, who wants to be safe, doesn’t breathe easily until both feet are on the floor. This time, I’ll hold her hand and tell her about all the wonders of what’s on that floor. She doesn’t need to even think about what’s under that escalator. She might even figure out she doesn’t need it; she’s got wings


Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash

Me Too: Women at the Crossroads

This post is not about abuse. The recent meme on Facebook creates an awareness about an issue that has been hidden and shame ridden. One man wrote that he knew intellectually that abuse against women was out of control, but to see posts from his friends, associates, his sister and daughter brought the story home. It even inspired him to look at ways he may have contributed to women feeling uncomfortable. But this post is not about abuse.


Photo by Henri Meilhac on Unsplash

It’s about storytelling. Women, brave women, have led us to the crossroads where we tell our stories. Whether it’s a collective story of “Me too” or personal stories that touch our hearts and open them – our stories must be shared so that we can create purpose, kindness and harmony from the ashes of our chaotic world.


If anyone is in doubt that we are collectively at a crossroad – watch the news. Crossroads hold the unknown. At a crossroad, we sometimes freeze in indecision, fear and resistance. Sometimes we act out – ranting, bitching, blaming, shaming – because we are uncomfortable or we have a need to imagine we have more control than we’re feeling. Sometimes, we talk about things that don’t matter – just to distract ourselves and others from the reality of the crossroad.


Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

But the crossroad is a place of mystery and possibility. If we can slow down, breathe, tell our stories and listen to one another with an open heart – we will know what to do to change the world. Feel it calling.

I know what some of you are thinking: that’s sweet, but I can’t fix the world – and I certainly can’t make choices that will affect the entire world.

Ah, but you can. Physicist, Dr. Gregg Braden tells us that it only takes the square root of 1% of the population to create change. That’s a very small number. According to “Newgeography”, over half of the US, lives in cities with about 25,000 people. Let’s use that number. It only takes about 16 people to create change in a population of 25,000. Do the math and open to the reality that you can make change. And it’s time for us to take up the challenge of creating change, instead of leaving it up to the metaphorical 16 people who scream at us on twitter and the daily news. We cannot let them dictate the story of who we are becoming. We must, at least,  throw our stories and our dreams into the mix. Whether we do, or don’t, we will be affecting the entire world.


Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Women have gathered at the crossroads throughout history. We are the gatherers. We’ve gathered at wells, around the cooking fire, in the Red Tent, in quilting bees, down at the river. We’ve shared our stories and banded together to make necessary change. Until recent decades, we have cried, “Me too,” for centuries. And from those me too’s, we’ve discovered the paths to take at every crossroad. The world needs this feminine way of gathering, listening, discerning and action.

I’d like to be clear that change is not about gender. The roots of change I’m calling us to is about the feminine energies of taking time to gather, to listen, to witness, to fiercely stand in our knowing and demand that the needs of the family, village, community be met. This feminine energy exists in all of us – men and women – and it’s time for it to take center stage. And once we’ve heard each other’s hearts, we need the masculine energies within each of us to take our intentions and make them manifest in the world.

How do we start? We gather at the dinner table and listen to each other’s stories – not sound bites – real stories from people you can see and hear IRL (in real life). When friends or colleagues ask how we are, we tell them something significant. And when we ask them, we look at them and listen to their answer. We make time (we can’t afford not to anymore) to gather regularly – to witness and be witnessed in our lives. We find our feminine voices and use them. It’s not rocket science, folks. It can be as scary as hitting that ignition switch, but only because we’re out of practice. When we risk it, we find deep joy and the magic of shared hearts.

It is the witnessed life that matters. It is the shared life/story that nurtures and heals. Social media has its uses and can give us the distance we might need to try out our voices without having to look anyone in the eye. Through it, we can inspire and inform. But we cannot gather in circle to hear each other’s voices, see each other’s hearts, hold each other’s hands.

Women have gathered us. We’re here at the crossroad, needing our hearts to be heard and our lives to be changed. This time Me too cannot be our rallying call or our quiet voice of sharing; it’s been taken. Perhaps, I’ll be a witness, I’m listening, I have time, or I have a story – or maybe we need to just take one little action, today.Head shot

I do have a story. Today, I make the commitment to share. Let me gather its threads and share it on my next post. Until then, …  ~ Lena

Can We Really Change Our Stories?

Honestly, I consider storytelling one of our most powerful tools. Our stories define us and create the lives we live. Sometimes I wonder if, at least for me, that is why I carry the gift of being a high empath. People’s stories are pretty transparent when I open to them – and being a high empath, people easily share their stories with me. Because of this, I get a unique look at the world – I see the stories that show up again and again. I feel their pain, their joy, their confusion, ….
For years, I thought my job was to share these common stories so that people don’t feel alone. In recent years, my gifts as a storyteller have emerged and I thought this was so I could share and teach more effectively -through the use of story. Both of these roles are relevant, but lately it has become clear that there’s more to it.
Science is giving us back our stories. Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton challenges us not to act as victims of our genes, but rather to understand it is the environment in which the genes live that creates our reality. That environment stems from our thoughts and beliefs – (our stories). Researchers Candace Pert and Brené Brown link our emotions to our health and well-being. Our emotions and our stories cannot be separated. Physicist, Gregg Braden and Gary Zukav – thru the science of quantum mechanics – teach us that we will always find what we look for. It is the stories we carry and tell that become the lens through which we observe our lives. Cellular, emotional and quantum insights have inspired a new interest in the power of story.
We’re being invited to recognize the stories we carry and how we carry them – AND, we’re being encouraged to revise our stories so that they truly serve us. The energy of the recent solar eclipse significantly opened opportunities to reveal our truths to us – those energies are still active.
Yesterday, I was hit squarely in the eye by an old story – a painful one that shows up as a devastating thought. It goes something like this: Everyone wants a piece of me and no one can see that I’m sitting here bleeding. This is not an unusual feeling for an empath. It happens when we give and give without remembering to tend to our own needs. I never feel so alone in the world as when that thought comes knocking. It doesn’t happen often anymore, but yesterday, it busted the door open.
Those eclipse energies are helping us release stories that don’t serve us and showing us ways to move on. The really good news is…
We don’t need to wallow in the story or pick it apart until we’ve squeezed every last bit of awareness from it. We’ve spent the last several decades doing that, but it’s no longer helpful to us. The wallowing and picking just keep us in the story we no longer want to inhabit.
So how did I work with yesterday’s story? I felt it. It came as a perfect storm, where intellectualizing about it just wasn’t possible. I felt alone. I felt devastated by it. Usually, this story comes up as a direct result of some specific interaction with people. I get angry, blame them, swear to myself I’ll never help again and hide in my own corner of the world for a few days. When I was a teenager I went to the basement and blasted “I Wanna Be Somebody’s Baby” until I felt better.
Yesterday, there was no incident and no one to attach my feelings to – no one except me. I was the one who didn’t know I was bleeding; I didn’t notice.
In the last few weeks, I’ve been highly focused on learning social media marketing to promote my books and business. I was staggering under a list of to-dos that will never end. I pressured myself to post, blog and make videos; to design classes and meet with people – all so that I could continue doing what I love.
I love writing, storytelling and teaching. I’m learning marketing so that I can do what I love. Yet, in the last few weeks, I’ve done very little of what I love. In fact, the only place I was in the joy was when I was engaging with the community on my Facebook Group: Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths & Sensitives. That was the only place I was engaging in the magic of what I do.
With all this revelation, I couldn’t help but ask the question, “Have I always been the one who didn’t know I was bleeding?” My truth: I’ve always been one of the ones who didn’t know I was bleeding.
Yes, my sense of devastation and feeling alone deepened a notch or two. I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. What do I need to do to change this?
Because I felt a little helpless around answering this question, I metaphorically threw up my hands in defeat and continued crying. And then, something wonderful happened…
The thought came again and this time the story felt like a caress. I was shocked and I tried to push it away; I did not want this thought/story to be part of my life. But it was fierce and stood its ground, at the same time it emitted loving energy. Somehow, I heard it tell me, “I am your ally. I’m here in service to you.”
Shock and confusion can be wonderful things when a well trenched story needs to change. I shook my head and thought, what the fuck?!  (I rarely use the F word, except when I’m very stressed.)
I was at a loss; I had no idea what to do? And that’s when my resistance yielded and this new story could take root. My truth: this thought is an ally – a fierce one that knows how to get my attention and put me on alert. It only visits when I’ve missed earlier warning signs, like “I’m really tired,” and “I’d like to escape to …..”
the story matrix
This thought that I’m bleeding and everyone wants a piece of me is no longer a story about being used up, ignored and underappreciated by my friends/family/community. This ally, this fierce and loving ally, shows up as a thought to tell me I need to take care of myself, now.
I hope that I never see this ally again. And, I am deeply grateful to know she will show up, if necessary and lovingly order me back into balance.
While I’m sharing gratitude, here’s a shout out to Barry Manilow, who always noticed I was bleeding and sent me his music and lyrics as a balm. He raged with me in “I Wanna Be Somebody’s Baby”  and inspired me to give things another shot with “One Voice”.
Here’s to all our allies and here’s hoping we see them clearly.  Much love to you all! ~ Lena