What Do You Want? 3 Ways to Listen to Your Heart

Last weekend, on three separate occasions, I was asked, “What do you want?” In each case, it was conversational, but I have this agreement about three times. When Spirit wants to get my attention, I’m offered something three times. And I acknowledge that each time the question was asked last weekend, I could feel something powerful beneath it. I couldn’t just give a flip or casual answer. I actually got tongue tied, which is unusual for me.

After the social events of the weekend and my house guests left, I asked myself, “What do you want?” In my experience there are three things one must do with a question like this.

#1 Get Quiet. Questions that have a tug and seem to twinkle with power must be considered in a place of quiet. For me, that means going to my room, going out to a quiet place on the land, or taking a long drive through a beautiful landscape. Phone is off, to-do list is put away. I ask the question and simply listen to who/what wants my attention.

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I often receive guides to help me: an eagle flying next to me on the road; a river singing me songs of healing; an ancestor or angel whispering wisdom. Whether I’m half dreaming in my room, wading in a river, or speeding along on the road, much is happening around me. Some of it speaks to my question, some doesn’t.

#2 Notice What Has a ChargeAs I consider my question, I do so with a sense of detachment. I use a soft focus and very wide periphery (wide angle vision) that allows me to sense a lot. My task is to notice what has a charge; what shines, tingles, vibrates interestingly,… It’s like when a friend gives you a choice of three movies to go see. As he list the movies, you hear each title. And if you listen closely, you can hear which one(s) he truly wants to see because he speaks those titles with a little something extra in his voice – a charge. He might say it a little softer, louder, faster,… Something about it stands out and gets your attention.

I might see dozens of birds on my journey, but only one, the eagle, seems to connect with me, as if giving me a message. Lots of scenes and stories might flit through my mind, but something about Auntie’s words on her front porch swing when I was five seem to echo in my head. Many side roads might appear on my journey, but I only take the ones that I can feel pulling at my solar plexus. Everything else on my quest may be beautiful, something to explore for another day even, but I only attend to what has a charge.

#3 Be Patient and Don’t Grasp at Answers. I’ve asked my question, gone to a quiet place and noticed what has a charge. It can be quite tempting now to try to just make a meal out of whatever I’ve gathered. But I know from experience, it is best to simply be patient and wait for the alchemy to happen. A question like this might take days, weeks, months, even years to answer. Sometimes I go for a drive and come home with an answer. More often, I receive important guidance, messages, insights and possibilities, but no real answer. These kinds of questions are not for the microwave, they’re more the crock pot kind of meal. These questions need to be carried for awhile until something settles firmly in your place of knowing.

Too often, we ask questions and only listen to our head. We ask them with the pressure of getting it right, or at least answering quickly. To take action on such answers is usually a waste of time and resources.

These questions must be taken to our hearts; that’s where the wisdom lies. The heart understands that without the pressure of performing or hurrying – a deeper, more true and significantly more satisfying answer will emerge – and it will do so in right timing.

Do I have an answer? I have the beginning of an answer. In the quiet, I noticed how many things in my life are just noise: busywork, other people’s expectations, my fears and doubts. I’ve cleared much of that away, creating space for what I want to land. A client shared that she’s tired of trying to impress and of people trying to impress her; she just wants to know who people are and what they’re doing. When she said this, I felt a cleansing wind move through and blow away all the pressure I’ve been feeling lately to create sound bites and marketing platforms. And then it happened.

I came to understand the question in a new way. I have spent over two decades asking what the world wants from me and willingly offering my gifts and talents to that need.  It worked. But it really doesn’t sustain me anymore. Now, I must ask, “What do I want?”

My answer is that when I find the answer, I will magnetize the work and people that resonate with what makes my heart happy. Yeah, that’s what I want! I can feel my heart’s truth emerging. I also feel an incredible trust growing; a trust that when I’m in deep resonance with what I want, I will be offering what the world needs from me.


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