#IPromiseMe – Can We Really Change Our Story? Part 2


I recently did a presentation around the power of story and had it video taped. This is the second clip and I even sing an original song for the group.

Emotion along with the “aha” moments are wonderful transformers. I’m truly grateful for this one in my life. Don’t waste your aha’s. Invest in yourself and create a story you really like living.

~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

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#IPromiseMe – Can We Really Change Our Story?


I recently did a presentation around the power of story and had it video taped. So today I offer a video.  Enjoy!

What stories of yours are wanting to transform? Need and intention are great facilitators. Go for it!

~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

Find out more about Coleen’s work.  Ask for a free 15 minute consult.

#IPromiseMe: Treasured Ancestral Gifts

Throughout my life I’ve known things that I shouldn’t know. It’s not that I’m nosey. In fact, often I’d rather not know. There’ve been times when I didn’t act on things, because I couldn’t identify how I knew, so I didn’t trust the knowing.

Weird things have happened. I knew we were getting hamsters for Christmas. At age 12, I knew when my mother felt threatened by a visitor and knew what to do to diffuse the situation. As a grad student in anthropology I heard and saw the ancient ones root digging when my class went on a archaeological field trip. When I started as a massage student, I got pictures of people’s lives when I was massaging them. I knew when friends were pregnant. I knew who was on the other end of the phone before answering (pre cell phone times).

My mother had gifts, so I just ignored the weird, until I was working with a massage client one day. She was having a really tough time in life. As I was massaging her I received several messages. As usual, I noticed but did nothing – until I felt this prodding. An insistent voice said, “Tell her,” while it literally felt like someone was poking me. This continued until I finally told the client what I was seeing. She immediately burst into tears and ask me how I knew. I continued massaging as she told her story. By the end of the session, she was feeling much better.

I decided that if this was going to happen, I wanted to know what it was all about, how to control it and how to trust it. 25 years later, I’m still discovering and developing new aspects to these inherited gifts. Turns out, I inherited from both sides of my family: healing and dousing gifts from my father; working with elementals from my mother; psychic and intuitive gifts from both sides.

As I look back on my life I notice even more of these emerging gifts than I noticed as I was living them. I know what to look for now.

I have five siblings. One takes medication so she doesn’t “see things”; the rest will claim a bit of intuition, but either have not inherited the same mix that I have, or they have just never been inclined to work with them. It’s not really a subject that we talk about. Both of my parents denied their gifts or consciously limited them. They did not encourage my tendencies at all.


Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

So why have these gifts been so important in my life? It doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that I listened to the strength of their call and tended to these ancestral gifts as treasures. I recognized them as a guidepost in my life. I never felt truly myself until I started the journey to discover and develop them.

It’s a challenge to carry such gifts in our world. I’ve tried to set them aside and get a “real” job with a regular paycheck. I literally got sick every time I tried. The truth is that my life is easier, fuller and more joyful when I’m in alignment with these gifts. That’s how I know they’re a guidepost. I cannot weave my life without them.

I invite you to claim your inheritances – the ones that truly speak to who you are, theHead shot (2) ones that make your life better no matter what challenges they bring. These guideposts often represent lost gifts from the past that are now emerging – just when we really need them.  Blessings on your journey, ~ Coleen

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

Find out more about Coleen’s work.  Ask for a free 15 minute consult.


#IPromiseMe: A Harrowing Experience


Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

As a writer I love the art of word smithing and using original meanings of words to challenge today’s perspectives – to break things up, break them down or smooth them out. This brings us to the word, harrow – an implement consisting of a heavy frame set with teeth or tines that is dragged over plowed land to break up clods, remove weeds, and cover seed.

Most of us are far removed from the agricultural world these days and only know the word, harrowing, to describe a disturbing experience.

Enter Rose Harrow!

Oh, how she disturbed my ideas about who I am as a small business woman. She broke down my resistance to attending to dry business details. She removed the weedy myths that have kept me stymied – and, she tenderly covered new seeds of hope with compassion and creativity.

It was so disturbing – in really good ways! It freed up my ideas of how to do business.

I met Rose at the Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle this weekend. She taught a workshop entitled “Sacred Money Archetypes”. To tell you the truth, I was on a high after teaching my own workshop earlier in the day. It was mid afternoon and I really wanted to either bask in the after glow, or take a nap. I was not looking forward to feeling badly about not operating my business in the “right” way.

As you know, I’ve promised to take much better care of me. That includes supporting myself financially. I’ve not been very attentive to the business aspect of my work. I’ve felt out of my depth, inept and judged whenever I’ve attempted to boost my business savvy. I didn’t even remember signing up for Rose’s business workshop and I wanted to run.

However, I’d just taught a workshop encouraging women to be open to what was on the edges of their web and challenging them to jump the webs that no longer serve them. It was now a mere two hours later. It seemed cowardly to not model what I just taught.

There Rose was, dancing on my web. I opened my mind, grabbed a cup of coffee and listened. She immediately gave me (and the other 30 women in the workshop) permission to create a business model that worked for me. She then gave us allies, introducing us to eight different archetypes that affect our effectiveness in business.

I love archetypes! They live within each of us, informing our lives and offering different strategies. To identify and connect with these archetypes around money was well, harrowing. In just 2 hours, she smoothed out the field in which I have been attempting to grow and harvest my business.  I began to understand why I resisted the “usual” in business models. She helped us explore our strengths and support the places where we were weak. She gave us information, inspiration and creative encouragement.

I have work to do – seeds to plant, tend and nurture. But you know me … help me find a seasonal, earth centered approach and I’m in! I feel so happy to have a smoothed out field and new tools to do this work. I love knowing I can develop a plan that is not only doable, but exciting for me because it embraces who I am.

First steps: continue to connect with these sacred money archetypes; commit resources to learning the necessary tools; and stay open to what’s on the web. Thank you Rose! I anticipate quite a lovely harvest.


It amazes me how making one promise to myself continues to open new paths and possibilities in so many aspects of my life. I experience moments of overwhelm and places where I have to stop and catch up with these new realities, which I’m holding space for. Even there, my promise to myself invites me to rest and take the time and space I need. I’m learning to truly celebrate the little steps without pressuring myself to make something big or impressive out of them. I’m finding more and more ease in my body as I navigate this new way of living my life.

I’m happy to share my personal story and the resources I’m finding along the way. I hope they bless your life in some way. ~ Coleen


Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Coleen Rhalena Renee is a storyteller, way shower and gifted spiritual healer. She helps clients find their true heart story and teaches them to live well within it. Tap into your dreams and make them realities.

Find out more about Coleen’s work.  Ask for a free 15 minute consult.


#IPromiseMe: Music Reveals the Secrets

On my quest to identify my personal guideposts, I quickly found music. Didn’t even have to think about this one. When Spider Woman asked the question, music erupted.

I often hear music in the world around me – even in the silence of my heart. Music has always helped me make sense of the world. It comforts, heals and inspires me. I thought I knew all about it as a guidepost in my life.

However, as I’m giving a great deal of attention and consideration to my other guideposts, it seems dismissive to not do the same with music. Added plus, I get to  be in music!  Woo Hoo!

For me, music is like mathematics; it’s a universal language and it cannot hold a lie. Sure, one can use math or even music to support an illusion or an outright lie – but the math and music themselves can only be who they are. Music goes right to the core and speaks directly to the heart. Lyrics can focus it, but it’s the music itself that tells you the truth of the lyrics.

Better yet, music opens me to the secrets of the universe and illuminates me, myself and I. It is within music that I most understand myself. Music, often through my SpiritSong practice, helps me untie the knots of my own doubts and fears. Music shows me clarity and opens the path before me. Music calms and excites me – it holds me in it’s loving arms and reminds me of who I am.

A music major at Central Washington University recently sent me a beautiful talk about music and how it might save the world. It’s well worth the read and explains wonderfully the power of music to heal and transform. It’s by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of music division at Boston Conservatory. Read it.

As I sit with my guidepost, music, it’s beginning to teach me how the guideposts interact with each other and how they move through the web we create in our lives. The sensation I’m receiving is quite like hearing a really resonate bass note, or a didgeridoo, or a crystal bowl; I feel it vibrating deliciously through my bones, my heart, my body. I cannot resist the joyful merging for it makes everything more vibrant. It makes everything better. Ah, hello guidepost of alchemy! Ooh, and welcome guidepost of sensual nature being. I see them co-creating a symphony that manifests into the matrix from which my web is woven. It is as soft and subtle as the music of sunset, changing the landscape with every breath.


Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash

Once again, music reveals to me the secrets of the Universe. I am in deep gratitude!

I am also, as always, in deep gratitude for you, my readers. I welcome comments and sharing of your stories.  ~ Coleen

#IPromiseMe: Make Sacred Space – A Crossroads Requirement

My quest to become more embodied and to find my guideposts continues. In the last post, I shared a second guidepost: I am a sensual nature being. To truly explore this and what it means started me on a journey with my body. One needs a body in order to be sensual, right? As a working empath and psychic I spend a lot of time between the worlds and have lost significant connection with my body. (I’m happy to report this is already changing.)

As you know, I’ve entered into a conversation with my body. Each day, I work with a different part – sharing what I love, thanking it for how it helps me, and asking what it needs from me to feel respected. Here’s just a few things I’ve discovered.

Toes: want to be longer and to squish in the mud.

joydance credited

photo by Mellissae Lucia, oracleofinitiation.com

Foot: wants more breath and to be pampered more with lotions and massage. They want to walk on grass.

Ankles: want their own identity, separate from feet and calves. They want more movement and breath.

Calves: are so tired of undo responsibility. They want to dance and to play without so much burden.

My butt told me it ‘s job is to carry the stories that do not serve me. I was stunned by this, yet immediately felt its truth. All the stories that aren’t mine, that have been projected onto me, that I carry for others – my butt has willingly and even proudly carried. We had a long talk and I revised my butt’s idea of its purpose.

I’m so intrigued by these conversations and surprised by them in a delighted sort of way. I’m incredibly grateful for how loving and even matter of fact the various parts are. I’m experiencing none of the angst, blame or shame I anticipated. I’m finding loving kindness in my body; I’m finding trust in our new cycle of relationship; and perhaps most freeing, I find I am no longer at odds with my body. I am what I am. I’m becoming something new and delightful as I continue this journey. This can only happen because I’m allowing the space, I’m seeing the sacred and staying open to what’s next.

#IPromiseMe: An Alchemist without a Cauldron

From my last post  you know that I’ve made a promise to me to center my life through me. My dreams, longings, desires and health are vital; I need them in order to do my work in the world, to be of service.

When Spider Woman suggested I discern what my guideposts were, I was intrigued. What are the structures upon which I build the tapestry, the web, of my life. What’s always there, even when I jump an outdated web.

Music was the first and most obvious guidepost. I discovered long ago that if I’m not doing music of some kind, I just don’t feel like myself. My family sang, we all played instruments and without Barry Manilow I’m not sure I would have made it through my teens.

The next two guideposts took more thought, but the last one was quite a challenge. It took me weeks and when I wasn’t even thinking about it, it suddenly occurred to me.


Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

I’m an alchemist, always have been. This conjures up images of fire, smoke and some chemical reaction. Merriam Webster offers this definition of an alchemist: someone who transforms things for the better. I like to think of alchemy as the blending of two or more elements, the combination of which is greater than their sum.

I like working with other people, blending our gifts and talents. I love cooking and how one ingredient can totally transform a dish. I love the secrets of how to take the sour out of tomato sauce or how toasting a grain before adding it to water can make a dish sparkle with depth and flavor notes.

I have a gift for seeing the many aspects present in a person, group, piece of music, … I sense how the different elements combine to create possibilities – like a kaleidoscope changing with a shift in light or touch.

I am brilliant at story – catching the nuances of telling that can shift an audience, a heart, a life.

I have experienced the incredible beauty of a circle of strangers, stuck in their own stories, transforming each other and ultimately the world. This is magic, alchemy.

I feel most centered as an alchemist when I do SpiritSong. The whole world becomes a cauldron, filled with all the elements, potentials and possibilities. I simply open; I become the instrument – both most purely myself and most free of self. Spirit moves through the song like a ladle blending the contents of the cauldron until it’s “better”.

Ritual is the other place where, for me, alchemy is so tenderly present. The work of seeing the micro in the macro; the internal and external; of using movement, music, intention, connection – to heal and transform. It’s all remarkable to me to feel these shift and see them ripple out into the world.

It’s only since my work with Spider Woman that I’ve identified this aspect of my being, which speaks so sweetly to my heart. Naming it has been quite powerful. As I move through life, I find myself saying, “yes, alchemy is what I’m doing here.” It’s a regular dance, this alchemy – whether I’m cooking, singing, healing, writing, leading circle, inviting just the right combination of folks for tea, …

Last week I had an appointment with a new primary healthcare practitioner. I’ve been putting it off because my experiences in the last few years can be characterized as painful and unhelpful. I’ve felt like a statistic and when results come back that don’t support what they were statistically sure was the issue, they shrug their shoulders and send me on my way (after offering meds for the issue they were sure I had, but can’t substantiate). I received my health intake in the mail and dutifully filled it out. I realized that their questions were going to take me to the same experience I’ve been having. I wanted to cancel, but something in me rallied.

“I’m an alchemist. I can make this better.”

I sat down and made a list of all the things I’ve been noticing about my health. I included my concerns and a list of my goals/priorities. I kept the list handy and over the next few days added to it until I felt it represented who I am and how I feel in my body.

Then, I adjusted my attitude. If I wanted the best of this new practitioner, I needed to bring my best – including an expectation of a positive, hopeful and practical coming together in support of my health and well-being.

I left the appointment feeling positive and hopeful about our plan. I had practical steps to take immediately, some tests scheduled and even a tentative diagnosis that actually makes sense to me. Best of all, as she left, my practitioner said, “It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.” I felt deeply listened to, cared for, supported and really motivated. Alchemy!

As I promised me, I brought myself fully into the process. I made it better by stepping into the center of those statistics and saying, “This is me.”

I’m grateful to share this direction from Spider Woman and the ways that I navigate it all.  I also love hearing from you. What are you promising yourself?

Thanks for reading and being part of my circle.

Blessings, ~ Coleen


The fallout, at least for me, from all the eclipse activity since August is that I can no longer not attend to me. Yes, there’s a double negative in there. My apologies. I just had to say it in that way, once.

You see I’ve finally caught up with myself.

All these insights and teachings have been coming through me for the last couple years – particularly around co-creativity, authenticity and the deep feminine. I’ve been writing, speaking, blogging, posting and teaching. I’ve felt the importance of it all – and its immediacy. It had to get out in the world. I had to do my part.

On the side, I let the teachings and insight come into my personal life. You know, when there was time.

I know I’m overstating this a bit. In fact, I might be exaggerating outrageously. But I do know, without any doubt at all, that I was not at the top of my list or at the center of this work.

Perhaps, it wasn’t required. Perhaps I needed to get it down and out in the world as it was coming through to me. But as keenly as I sensed and gathered what needed to come through, I sense that they now must move through my living them. I cannot be on the sidelines of my work.

It’s time to stop holding stories for everyone else and story my life in a newly focused way. This might take a bit of courage.

As I write this, I feel my body humming. Aspects of myself that have been half asleep are rousing, dusting themselves off and looking around with great excitement and anticipation. I hear a whisper:

“One’s work should always come through the story of one’s life.”

WOW! That’s a game changer, isn’t it? I am not what I do. What I do is an integrated part of the whole of who I am.

Those newly awakening parts of me are shaking their heads yes, and doing it enthusiastically. Other parts of me are looking around anxiously. What will this look like?

This is where storying one’s life get’s interesting. I feel like I’m facing an auditorium full of people waiting expectantly for the play to begin. But the key actor has left the building and there’s no understudy. Who opens for me now? I find this frightening, but also intoxicating; I’m off book – anything is possible!

Spider Woman drops down into my view and smiles. “Tell them about your guideposts,” she encourages. “They’re the only pieces that are always there. You can weave a story later. Tell them about your guideposts.”

Right. When it’s time to jump one’s web, guideposts are vital. What are they? They are integral to everything I am. This is what it’s all about right now; promising me.

I promise me to see who I can be. I promise me to serve the world by being fully present to myself in my life. In doing this, I offer more of myself to the world – not just what I can do, but who I am. What joy! What magic can happen?

Guideposts are the things that are always true, the “structures” upon which the web of one’s life is woven. What is always true for you? What foundations are your life built upon? For me, music is an essential guidepost. Can you guess what the others might be? Here are some photos to give you clues:


I’ll share my guideposts over the next couple of posts. I wonder what yours might be?

I’m grateful to share this new process with you as I learn to navigate my life differently and work from a new perspective. I love hearing from you and look forward to your stories of new walksguessing what my guideposts might be or sharing your guideposts .

Thanks for reading and being part of my circle. Comments are welcome below.

~ Coleen