Do You Appreciate the Joys of the Senses?

Mama Earth titillates us with sweet scented air; budding trees that break into blossom; the song of returning birds and mamas calling to their young; the feel of warm sun on our skin; and, the unforgettable taste of fresh greens.

The sensual nature of May goes on and on; the sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the pungent scent of freshly turned earth, the cool feel of this soil as you plant seeds, the neighborly sounds of the local Farmer’s Market, …

In Celtic tradition, May Day – or Beltane – is the beginning of summer. Summer Solstice is the height and midpoint of the summer season. May Day celebrates the increasing power of the sun and his ever growing ability to penetrate the earth in the sacred union that brings us life. The Maypole is seated deep into the earth and with dance and song, we weave our intentions and desires for the season ahead. Our ribbons of desire woven around the pole provide a visual symbol for what we hope to create and harvest.

May pole

These days, most people don’t literally dance around the Maypole. However, we don’t resist the call of Mama Earth to come out and play. We find ourselves drawn to what’s happening all around us. Sap is rising in the trees – which gently blossom, promising us delicious fruit very soon. Enlivening energy rises also within us; love is in the air, hope blossoms, we find excuses to get out – even if that only means taking our laptop out on the deck or squeezing in a walk during lunch.

I invite you all to consciously and joyfully enter the dance of May. Stop and smell the lilacs, tulips, camellias. Gather the edible greens in your yard and truly let yourself notice how your body welcomes their fresh nutrients. Or, just pay attention when you rub lotion into your skin. Savor the first sip or tea or coffee in the morning. Go to a Farmer’s Market.

Beltane is traditionally celebrated on May 1st. Lunar Beltane is on April 29th this year, which is also the full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio also calls to our sensual natures. If you get a chance, dance in the moonlight and enjoy the sensation of a moon bath. (Moon bathing is pretty much the same as sun bathing open to the light and enjoy!)

May literally calls us to our senses. Answer the call and see what happens!

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